Introducing DETOXY+: Our Powerful Internal Cleanser!

Hi Loves!

Today is an exciting day, because we’re finally releasing a product I love and use — and now get to share with you all. 

As I mentioned previously, this product has been an amazing help for me on an ongoing basis, and especially during my many travels around the world, helping keep my body clean, regular and performing at its best. Also, as I noted, it’s not just for travel, but for anyone who needs a gentle boost to his or her cleansing efforts. Keeping the body clean and reducing waste and toxicity as much as possible is one of the biggest foundational keys to anti-aging, as well as feeling joyful and light, and keeping slim and radiant.

It is NOT a harsh laxative, and not habit-forming, so you don’t have to worry about taking it and somehow creating dependence on it–it can be used on an ongoing basis as part of an enhanced detoxification regime. It is also 100% vegan, gluten-free and non-toxic. 



It’s called DETOXY+ and it’s one of the best ways to cleanse without harsh or irritating herbs that often create discomfort or dependency. 

Here are some of the many benefits: 

  • Enhances detoxification – by removing toxins attached to old, stagnant waste inside you
  • Easier elimination – it helps gently stimulate bowel movements 
  • Increased breakdown of waste – the oxygen breaks up debris inside your colon and intestinal tract
  • Oxygenates body – the oxygen release during the process can reach your bloodstream and body
  • Greater regularity – it’s non-habit forming, by helping you clean out, you become more regular!
  • Decreases bloating – much of the bloating we experience is due to trapped waste and toxins, which this removes
  • Increases alkalinity, reduces acidity – much of the old waste inside our colon is what creates acidity and disturbs our pH balance
  • Reduces gassiness – by helping remove stagnation and unfriendly bacteria, yeast, parasites and more — gas is also reduced
  • Helps regularity during travel – can help your body adjust to new time zones and regions without becoming irregular

And more, LOTS more! 

Detoxy+ is created by adding an oxygen molecule to magnesium—through the non-toxic process called ozonation—forming a compound called magnesium oxide. When you take the capsule, it dissolves and releases monatomic, or nascent, oxygen over a six to twelve hour period or more, throughout the entire digestive system.

The magnesium acts a transporter of the oxygen throughout the entire body and has the gentle effect of loosening toxins and acidic waste in your colon, helping transport them out of the body via elimination. Oxygen, delivered in this way, supports the growth of friendly bacteria, which is essential for proper digestive and intestinal health.


  • A safe, mild, magnesium-oxygen compound for cleansing
  • Works by helping bring more oxygen to your colon and overall body
  • It’s a gentle aid, that can assist elimination without side affects


  • Not a harsh laxative
  • Not an irritant
  • Not habit-forming
  • Not a magnesium supplement
  • Not for extreme conditions

While there may be other magnesium-oxygen supplements out there, Detoxy+ is a uniquely-formuled, high-quality product hat I personally use, believe in and want to offer to you. It fits perfectly with the Beauty Detox lifestyle as it is 100% vegan (including the capsules; many others do not use veggie caps!), is gluten-free, tested to be pure and 100% non-toxic. 


Here in the crux between Europe and Asia in Istanbul. Feeling and looking your best involve daily and regular practices. I’m thrilled to finally be sharing this new one with you that has worked so well for me :).

How Do You Know If DETOXY+ Is Right for You? 

As I mentioned, I primarily use DETOXY+ while traveling, but also do use it at home at times if I ever feel like I need a little extra cleansing. You can use it more regularly at first, then reduce and take it less. I personally use it more often when I’m traveling, and a few times a week when I’m not.

Many others I’ve shared it with have incorporated DETOXY+ into their cleansing and detoxification regimens — and experienced amazing results in the process. 

The following questions may help you know whether the product is a good fit for you: 

  1. Do you have regular and sufficient bowel movements each day? Do you ever struggle or feel strain during your bowel movements?
  2. Do you ever feel there is more “in there”, even after you go to the bathroom? 
  3. Do you have extra bloating or puffiness around your tummy or midsection that doesn’t seem like fat, and may be the result of gas or waste? 
  4. Have you gotten started on the Beauty Detox diet and lifestyle, but never done a colonic or cleanse of any kind? 
  5. Do you suffer from any skin issues, including dryness or acne or other beauty challenges? 
  6. Do you travel often or find yourself “on the go” all the time and unable to keep a regular schedule? 
  7. Do you ever experience sluggish digestion or crashes following a meal, even when the meal is healthy? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, chances are you’d get immense benefit from trying out DETOXY+. 

How to Get Started 

To learn more and check out DETOXY+, just click here and you’ll be taken to the special webpage we created for it. There, you’ll find more info and be able to place your order. Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours of completion online, so rest assured your DETOXY+ bottles will get to you quickly!

Again, you know me by now — I only recommend things I actually use and personally benefit from. That’s why we don’t have a gazillion different supplements and products on our site, or a million different product ads by various companies, because I’m very choosy about what I put in my body and very selective about what I recommend. 

I use and now offer DETOXY+ to this amazing community because it’s something that so many have been asking me about over the years. 

I’m so happy and grateful to finally make this offering available to you. 

I hope your experience is as amazing as mine has been. 

With love and gratitude,


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120 Responses to “Introducing DETOXY+: Our Powerful Internal Cleanser!

  1. Hello I have been taking detoxy for about 2 weeks I am taking 3 to 4 capsules a night and I have never felt better Iam eliminating about 3 to 4 times a day I suffer from chronic constipation and bloating and gas.. Iam amazed on how I feel how long should I be doing this? And what kind of Matence should I do so I do not get backed up again?? Iam not sure how many times a day I should be going could u please let me know how I should continue taking this product?
    Thanks Monica

  2. Dear Kimberly, thanks for everything! I read somewhere that magnesium chloride has highest bioavailability than magnesium oxide, but the oxide form is a more common type of supplement due to its low cost. Would you please comment on that? I live in Brazil and have to count on somebody visiting the US to bring me Detoxy+ (I have one bottle now). On the other hand, there’s a homeopathic-antroposhopic-natural pharmacy near me that sells magnesium chloride. Do you think it is a safe and efficient alternative? (especially considering I am trying to conceive?) Thanks for your attention! All the very best to you, Raquel.

    • Dear Kimberly, thanks for everything! I read somewhere that magnesium chloride has higher bioavailability than magnesium oxide, but the oxide form is a more common type of supplement due to its low cost. Would you please comment on that? I live in Brazil and have to count on somebody visiting the US to bring me Detoxy+ (I have one bottle now). On the other hand, there’s a homeopathic-antroposhopic-natural pharmacy near me that sells magnesium chloride. Do you think it is a safe and efficient alternative? (especially considering I am trying to conceive?) Thanks for your attention! All the very best to you, Raquel.

  3. I have no issues with constipation because I eat raw fruits, vegetables. I’m curious as to why someone would need this product- magnesium has a laxative effect on the GI tract and can create a dependency. If someone is having normal bowel movements- they don’t need the product…is there research to back up the use of it? Thanks!

    • It can be used for deeper cleansing above and beyond the fiber in raw fruits and veggies. It may be less effective or needed for some, depending on your regularity and level of detox. But many, even those who ate the Beauty Detox way with lots of raw fruits and veggies, have found benefit using this product. We will add testimonials to our site soon… thank you.

  4. Hi Kim!
    One more question. Can I order te probiotics and detoxy in one order ? It would help save on shipping expenses. Thank you.

  5. I don’t think I’ve seen this question here or on FB: Do you also do colonics / enemas personally while traveling and taking DETOXY+ or are you able to rely just on this? Can you also share how often you do colonics / enemas while not traveling and with taking this product?

  6. Would this be suitable and helpful to take during a juice cleanse? Or is it better/safer to take this while on your regular food diet. I plan on doing a 7-10 day fresh fruit/veggie juice cleanse. As this product is detoxifying, would it be an added benefit to take during a cleanse? Thanks. Love your books and blog!

  7. How does this compare to an actual magnesium citrate supplement? I have found that the mag citrate helps calm my system and helps with my sleep pattern. Would you take this in combination to the mag citrate or replace one with the other?

    • No, it’s different than magnesium citrate — the form of magnesium in this product is not for your magnesium needs, but for cleansing.

  8. I just ordered my very first Detoxy+. What is the proper dosage? How many tablets a day and for how long? Does my order comes with the instruction manual? Thanks :)

  9. I really need this product! I am breast feeding my three months old son! Do you think I can take it and I should be fine?

  10. Kimberly, I also take your probiotics and the Garden of Life multivitamin that you recommend. I usually take them both in the evening before bed. If I add the Detoxy to my regimen, will taking it in the evening force the probiotics and vitamins through my system before they can be absorbed?

  11. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saved my life. For many years i’ve been struggling with eating disorder, low self esteem, depression and drugs. I hated my life. I’ve been trying raw food, low carb diets, 5:2 diet and so on, it did not work for me and made me go back to doing drugs again. Then I found you, bought the beauty detox solution and I havent felt so wonderful since I was a child. The beauty part is just a bonus, I’ve got my life back! Thank you so much for everything. <3 love from sweden!

    • Amanda! You are going to make me cry! Thank you so much for sharing that, stories like yours are the whole reason I put my heart and soul into sharing all this. Wishing you so much love, thanks again.

    • Amanda, I’d love to hear more about how it helped you. Your words have motivated me to look further into trying what you are now doing.

      Similar paths, my friend. Similar paths.

    • See one of the other comments where I answered both these questions — and yes, we are getting the nutrient fact panel up and ready for viewing soon!

    • There are 1,035 mg of elemental magnesium per serving, however, because of the nature of this magnesium compound, it doesn’t count toward your body’s dietary magnesium needs.

  12. Hi Kim!

    I’m a longtime fan and follower of yours (discovered your blog about 5 years ago before the books), and I even met you last year when you came to Dallas on your book tour! I love your probiotics+ and will of course add this new supplement to my diet. I just wanted to clarify — does DETOXY+ replace the 3 Aerobic Life Mag07 capsules you recommend taking with water before bed? Seems to me that these products are very similar, and I just want to make sure I’m not taking too many, unless you recommend keeping both kinds of Mag07 supplements (yours and Aerobic Life’s).

    Any insight you can provide will be much appreciated. … Thank you so much for ALL you do for us!

    xoxo -michelle

    • Michelle! You are so sweet, thank you, and I hope I gave you a big hug when we met! Yes, this replaces Mag07, as I’ve mentioned here, I just prefer the quality/purity and capsule, and decided to offer it to my readers and the community. Don’t throw away your Mag07 if you still have it, you can just phase it out and then switch over to this (with exactly the same instructions/protocol) when using DETOXY+. Hope that helps and wish I could give you another hug all the way over here from London. xx Kimberly

      • Kim,

        WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to respond to my question; you have no idea how much it means to have you be so connected to your community. I’ve got a few Aerobic Life Mag07 capsules left, so I’ll phase them out as you suggest, while waiting for my DETOXY+ to arrive. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        PS. Yes — you DID give me a big hug when you were here, and I wish I could join you in London for another one! :) Have fun, and safe travels!

        Love and light,


  13. Is this safe to use while breastfeeding? Or due to detoxification should it be used when breastfeeding has been stopped? It sounds amazing!

    • I would be remiss to say “yes” blindly without saying you should consult your doctor, because you should. Especially as I don’t know your body or health during pregnancy. But overall, it’s not harsh at all and so, unless you totally overdo it, the chances of doing any harm are pretty minimal. Hope that helps!

  14. Hi! How Many capsules in each bottle (Detoxify and Probiotics) and how often are each taken? Does drinking coffee counteract any of the benefits these 2 provide? I can’t seem to break that daily habit of 2 cups. I wish I could. I need a warm morning bev replacement. I want a full detox! My skin and hair are so dry and I have a stubborn 5lbs on me. I think this would help.

    Thanks in advance for the info.

    • 90 caps! This is not really a “daily” supplement for most people, more for during cleansing periods. Though, you are certainly fine to take 2-3 capsules for 30 days, as it contains a one month supply at that dosage. No, coffee shouldn’t affect it either way.

  15. Hi Kim
    Is it safe to take this product daily? Or is that too much. I have been using mag07, and taking it daily.

    • It is similar from Mag07, the difference is that this is a source I’ve personally researched and found to be amazing quality/purity and also use veggie caps. Doesn’t mean Mag07 wasn’t great (it was!) — my hope is that this is even better!

    • In general, I like taking the probiotic caps in the morning and then this product at night before sleep. I find it does better when not mixed with a ton of food and/or water that can possibly interact with it too much. Hope that makes sense!

    • In all honesty, it’s very similar. So if you love Mag07, by all means, continue! The main difference is that I really liked the quality/purity of this source, and the fact that it uses the best vegan caps.

    • It should be, as the product is simply magnesium + oxygen — however, I ALWAYS recommending checking with your doctor before doing making any meaningful change or addition during pregnancy as your body is very sensitive and more delicate during this time.

    • Basically, an oxygen molecule to magnesium—through the non-toxic process called ozonation—forming a compound called magnesium oxide. When you consume it, nascent oxygen is released into your digestive tract, helping break up waste along with many other benefits.

  16. Hi, Kimberly! First, I buy everything you recommend! My question – can you tell me how this new product is different or better than the Aerobic Life MagOxy supplement you recommend in your Resources section?

    • Great question. It is the same substance, the only difference is that I really like the quality/purity of this source and the fact that the highest quality veggie caps are used, making it a certified vegan product. Of course, Mag07 is great, I just prefer this version and that is why I began offering it.

  17. Hi Kimberly,

    I’m a huge fan, as as a food blogger, I’m taking some time out to cleanse and love your Beauty Detox program!! I’m curious how this Detoxy is different from the Mag07 pills? Is it a stronger dose, or does it have some other added benefits? Thanks!

    • Hi Ane, it is basically the same substance, I just researched and prefer the purity/quality of this source, it felt better in my body, as well as the fact that even the capsule is a high-quality veggie cap.

  18. Just wondering if this is different to the Mag 007 tablets that you recommended/mentioned to take in your first books? Do they essentially do the same thing?
    Thank you

    • Yes, they do the same thing. As I’ve said in a lot of comments, I love the purity/quality of this source as well as the super high-quality veggie capsule that dissolves easily. It feels better to me, though I don’t recommend anyone throw out their Mag07 to buy this. If you’d like to try but still have Mag07, just wait until that bottle is done and then try DETOXY+ and see if you feel a difference!

    • We are going to post the nutrition fact panel for the product on the site soon, but let me list them here: It is, elemental magnesium (from ozonated magnesium oxides) and elemental potassium (from potassium citrate).

    • It is the same basic ingredient as Mag07, just in my estimation, a better purity/quality source and better capsule. Don’t throw away your Mag07, just wait and try this when your bottle is done. And no, this does not replace enzymes, as enzymes have totally unique action in the body and digestive process that cannot be replaced by a product like this.

    • Yes, we are working on getting our products onto Amazon, which will then allow us to ship to Canada. Sorry it’s taking so long, but we have a very small team and I’ve been super focused on my book this year. But it will happen, thank you for your patience!

    • Hi Angela, as I’ve mentioned, I think it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor while doing anything of significance when pregnant. That said, it’s fairly mild and not harsh, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Again, better to be safe, as pregnancies are so different with each individual woman.

    • Hi there, it’s very similar — same substance, and same basic breakdown. As I’ve said, I just personally prefer the purity/quality of this source and the very high quality veggie capsule used, it feels better to me. And so I wanted to make it available to the community. Thank you!

  19. Hi,

    Out of curiosity, is this product available for purchase in the UK? I have very recently read your first and am (loving!) incorporating the GGS!

    Thanks so much,


    • It’s US shipping only right now, but hopefully before the end of the year we’ll be able to do international shipping through Amazon. Thanks for the kind words about the book!

  20. Hi Kimberly, thank you for this product! It sounds like something I’m in need of at the moment. My only concern is that I have a difficulty swallowing pills. Would I be able to pop this into a vitamix smoothie?

    • Hi Diane, I wouldn’t do that as the product doesn’t taste great and temporarily pulls water into your digestive tract while its breaking up the waste and helping cleanse you. What I would do is simply open three capsules, pour the powder into a glass of water, and drink before bed. It’s not the best taste in the world, but if you don’t handle capsules well it’s an option!

  21. Hi Kimberly!

    This product sounds like exactly what I need! Question…do you think that it is safe to use during pregnancy!? I don’t see why not but thought I’d ask :)

    • Hi Alex, see my other responses in the comments. I’ve been saying the same basic thing, namely, that it should be okay but definitely check with your doctor!

  22. Kimberly- I am so psyched about this! I began using Mag 07 from ready your Beauty Detox Solution and it truly changed my life (of course along with your way of eating and living which I religiously follow). So thrilled you have created your own magnesium oxide supplement and cannot wait to try it and write about it on my blog (! Thanks for keeping us all inspired.

    xoxo Darcy | The Supper Model

    • Thank you Darcy! You are such a sweetheart :) Glad you liked Mag07, in my experience, my body responded even better to this version of it and I love that even the capsule is the highest quality veggie cap. Excited for your feedback once you try it!

    • Pure Vegan is a great product, nothing but good things to say and the capsule is vegan like ours. I really love the purity/quality of this source and I don’t recommend anyone throw at their Mag07. All I will say is that, once you’re done with the bottle, you could try ours and see if you notice a difference! :)

  23. This is horrible! I need this product now! :) but you don’t ship to Europe. Why? When will we be able to but it us sad people in denamrk who really want your great products. :)

    Love your books kimberly. !

    • So sorry Sabina! We are working on it! I’ve just been so swamped with the book and our small team running the blog. Hopefully before the end of the year. Thanks for the kind words about the book!

  24. What is the difference between detoxy and MagO7? You use to recommend , should i stop taking that one? Did you find something you didnt like and thats why you decided to create your own?
    Thank you!

    • Don’t throw away your Mag07! DETOXY+ is the same substance, just found that I like this purity/quality/source better and the capsule is a really amazing veggie cap. Once you’re done with your Mag07 bottle, you can give this a try!

    • Please see my other comment response about this, we are getting the nutritional fact panel up and available soon.

    • I’m not familiar with that product, but this one is non-habit forming… especially when used on the context of a Beauty Detox diet. It’s something you use maybe once every day for a month, and after that, only as needed. Should not create dependency!

  25. Hi Kim! Thank you for launching yet another fabulous product!! I was wondering how is this taken? On an empty stomach like Mag07? And how often? And also… How many pills at once?? Thank you again!!! Your simply amazing & such an inspiration!!!

    • Thank you Danielle!!! Yes, you take it just like Mag07. My personal preference is 2-3 capsules at night before bed, away from food. I do it only as needed, but if you feel the need for an extended cleanse you can do it for a week or even up to a month at a time. It’s fairly gentle.

      • Thank you!!!! Keep doing what you do, you truly are a inspiration!! I am so happy I found you & your fabulous products. Can’t wait for your next book!!! Safe travels!

    • We are working on it Michelle! I know we have so many lovelies over there like you who love our stuff, so it’s a priority, especially not that my book manuscript is turned in!

  26. Does this replace or provide enhancements to the Mag-O7 from Aerobic Life that you’ve recommended in the past? The oxygen-magnesium combination is great, plus the detox-laxative effects will be far more convenient in one formulation!

    • Yes, you can use this instead. Don’t throw that product away though, if you have it. Just wait until you’re done and then try this one, I prefer the quality/source and capsule of this version even better, which is why I’m offering it to the community.

    • Unfortunately, for now, that is the case. But we’re working on it Natalie, hopefully that will change soon!

      • Can’t wait! Beauty detox works so well for me (it has changed my life), i just love it and i want to go all the way :D Anyways, i am very grateful for what you have done for me, and i know those products are worth waiting for! Lots of love!

    • Hi Saba, there is no discount code at this time. Perhaps eventually, but for now there isn’t one. Thank you!

  27. Is it safe to use whilst breastfeeding a 1yr old infant? Sounds great hope I can use it and buy from UK. Does it cleanse as much as a colonic over time?

    • Should be okay, but I encourage you to check with your doctor to be safe. It’s US shipping only, for now, but we’re working to change that. It’s hard to compare this with colonics, but this can do an excellent job of cleansing your colon and digestive system to the point where there’ll be less of a need for colonics.

    • Hi Alix. It’s very different! Probiotics helps feed friendly flora and rebuild the bacterial layer in your intestinal tract. DETOXY+ helps cleanse unwanted waste, toxins and debri from your colon. Two very different things.

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