Kimberly’s Travel Adventures Pt. 2: South Korea!

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Hi there! Today, I’m posting a really fun video about my experience in the beautiful land that is South Korea! I’ve had the most amazing experience here–exploring temples, eating delicious plant foods, and meeting such warm, loving people. The city is so lovely, surrounded by mountains and yet also very technologically advanced and modern. Truly a place to be experienced!

To watch this video, simply click the link below and you’ll be taken to the Youtube page:

Watch Kimberly’s Travel Adventures Pt. 2: South Korea! 

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2 Responses to “Kimberly’s Travel Adventures Pt. 2: South Korea!

  1. Love the video! Especially interested in visiting that tea shop – Mama Kim is a very happy soul :)

    Just wanted to let you know, though… in the video, you say you had “bulgogi” which supposedly has no pork or beef, and has lots of vegetables… but bulgogi is actually marinated beef!! (I think you meant to say bibimbap). Don’t eat anymore bulgogi while you’re in Korea! ;)

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