My Delicious Glowing Green Soup (Video)

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Due to travels, we took a break from the podcast this week. It will resume next Saturday as usual and we have some amazing topics and guests coming soon!

So today, due to popular request, I wanted to take a moment to share a video that we’ve mentioned several times on previous podcasts–my Glowing Green Soup (#GGSO)! It’s a simple, delicious recipe that you can make anytime, winter or during any season. It’s creamy, yummy, super nutritious and the perfect way to incorporate any greens you may have in your fridge! Check it out below:

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    • Hi Cari, it depends on how much soup you want to make. In general, 12-16 ounces is enough for two. Or one if you’re really hungry! :)

  1. I am addicted to this soup. Love it! I am featuring it on my blog and was wondering if you could tell me the suggested amount of almond milk to use. I am currently winging it and it is working. Thanks again!

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