Realize Yourself Podcast #3 – Eating At Parties and Festive Times

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Today’s post is a podcast, and we talk a lot about how to eat at parties, family gatherings and other events where the food options may not be as healthy or Beauty Detox-friendly. There is a lot of amazing info inside, and you’ll learn a variety of powerful strategies that can help you have a blast, stay healthy and love what you eat through the New Year–and beyond!


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20 Responses to “Realize Yourself Podcast #3 – Eating At Parties and Festive Times

  1. Hi Kim,

    I got your book recommended from a friend when I visited New York. I live in Italy and before in Germany and London. I suffered all my life with horrible cramps in my stomach and also with my skin. The doctors gave me cortisone for many years. I spent a fortune amount of money on creams and doctor visits. I was desperate. I have read your book and started your diet 3 weeks ago. It’s more difficult to find all the ingredients in Italy and also it’s very very expensive. However I can see first results. My question to you. I am already underweighted and I am trying to get some more weight. Do I have to increase the amount of food? What should I eat more to gain some weight or muscle? Looking forward to hearing from you (sorry for this long block)

  2. Thanks for bringing up the “food debates”. This caused me quite a bit of stress at my work Christmas party as my boss is a big meat eater and was trying to convince me that the type of iron in meat is essential. I just smiled and replied that my iron levels were very good, thank you very much. Feeling isolated or appearing impolite when sharing food is a big topic of conversation between me and my mom (we are both following your beauty detox program). I don’t always know how best to manage these situations. I agree with everything you said, though I sometimes find very difficult to do. Would love to hear more about how you deal with these social situations.
    Thank you so much for everything you share with us!
    Lots of love

    • Hi, I’ found 2things really help me. One is my attitude (since there’s not much I can do about anyone else’s). I decided to embrace being a bit of an oddball. I find that a sense of humor really cuts tension. I don’t have to compromise my nutrition values but can be playful and others tend not to feel as threatened/judged. The second is a simple statement that has become a mantra that is my stock response and that is, “I eat what makes me feel good.” It’s kind of hard to argue with that. I don’t get into details unless someone expresses a sincere interest.

  3. Hi Kim,
    I am a newbie to your website. I purchased your two beauty detox books and have already read the first one. I am excited to try the glowing lean system and ordered it today. I have struggled with extra weight and belly bloat in the past several years and appreciate what your book has to offer. I am an Advocare follower, and am questioning how much the two will compliment each other? If you are not familiar with it, a multi pack vitamin supplement, a cleansing phase, and then a 24 day challenge focusing on a lot of raw fruit & veggies is the core concept.
    Looking forward to learning more, glad I discovered your website!


  4. I could listen to your this and the last podcast Kim. I hear it whenever I am working in kitchen or on the go. It’s good to be able to hear instead of just reading through the text and the information you provide is always helpful and influences me to eat pure food. Thanks so much

  5. Is it possible to obtain the transcript for the podcasts? I prefer to read the information at my own pace rather than listening to them. Too much like talk radio – makes me tune out… Sorry and thanks.

  6. Hi Kim !
    Awesome podcast! You mentioned you love to read. I’m getting into yoga and was curious to know if you have read any yoga books And which ones would you recommend.

  7. Hi Kimberly,
    I just recently got my first period summer of 2012… But lost it soon after in November and still haven’t gotten it back. I eat healthy (not as much as you) and my diet consists of mainly fruit a and nuts. Any suggestions???

    • Hi Stacee, you mean you press play within the post, on your browser, and they do not play for you? We haven’t had many issues with this, so not sure why that is. You may need to enable flash, but other than that, it should work. Let us know if you have any further issues.

      • Have you considered a youtube channel so you can post the podcasts free online? Maybe health and wellness gurus/nutritionists etc do this.. I’d love to put them on my ipod via itunes and listen while I’m taking a walk..

  8. I like to listen to these podcast at the gym. I was able to download the first one but now I cannot find a way to download them. Did something change or am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi Dick,

      We will look into this… we had a few technical issues with the way it displays on the blog, but will correct and let you know when it can be downloaded again. Thank you for noting that!

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