Little-Known Light Form That Heals Your Body

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Infrared light may sound scientific or even mysterious, but it’s actually quite simple to understand and present all around us.

For instance, did you know that infrared light from the sun accounts for 49% of all the heat on earth? Compared to UV light or radiation, infrared is extremely safe, non-toxic and actually quite beneficial to your body. I want to share more about this health and beauty-enhancing light in this blog post.

How Infrared Light and Heat Lead to Healing

As you know, we live in a world that has become progressively more toxic. Even if you eat the cleanest, most pure diet—chances are you’re exposed to environmental toxins, from car exhaust to cleaning products—along with an abundance of electromagnetic pollution and much more.

At no time in history has there been a greater need for ongoing detoxification. Of course, improving your diet as recommend here on the blog goes a long way toward assisting your body detox more, yet it’s not always easy to remove toxins that are stuck in our cells or fat tissues.

And that is precisely where infrared heat and therapy can help most.

How New York Rescue Workers Detoxified Using Infrared


When the World Trade Center buildings collapsed on September 11th, there was an incredible amount of chemical pollution and toxic materials released into surrounding area. As they carried out their jobs, the firemen and rescuers were quickly overloaded with toxicity.

The problem became so severe that they were forced to seek out “alternative” therapy with the hope of greater elimination of all these chemical toxins. Over a three- year period, more than 500 of these workers were treated using a detoxification program based largely on infrared heat — the same type of heat found in the sauna that we recently launched and gave away in our recipe contest.

The results from this study seemed almost too good to be true: Before treatment, most workers suffered from respiratory, skin, emotional, cognitive ailments—in other words, pain, difficulty breathing, depression, fatigue and more. On average, they missed 2.1 days of work each month and spent 4.4 days in bed. [1]

After the infrared detoxification protocol, however, they healed to such an extent that their missed work days dropped down to an average of only .2 days per month – and nearly all their symptoms improved dramatically. Many were able to discontinue drugs and fully resume normal life again.

Of course, detoxification also produces many visible benefits in the body.

More Youthful Skin, Energy and “Glow”

Your skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body. Unfortunately, modern living continually exposes our skin, lungs and digestive system to a wide variety of harmful toxins – and clogged skin pores throughout your body can create dullness and aging. To make matters worse, one of the best ways to eliminate toxins is sweating through the skin – yet so few people actually sweat on a daily basis!

Exposing your body to therapeutic levels of infrared heat consistently can help reverse this issue — by opening up your pores and promoting detoxification on a deep, cellular level. While I know of no actual clinical studies on the connection between beauty and infrared therapy — there have been studies that prove it helps with detoxification, just like the study on rescue workers. From an anecdotal standpoint, I can say that since using infrared regularly, I personally have seen an improvement in my body tone and glow- I feel slimmer in my clothes and my skin has brightened. After each session in our infrared sauna, not only do I sweat but I also urinate a lot, which may be a way that the toxins stirred up in the session are exiting my body.

And as you know, greater elimination of toxins means your body’s many cells are less burdened, age less rapidly, heal faster, naturally brighten, and can even appear younger and more radiant.

Reduced Appearance of Cellulite


For us ladies, cellulite is always a little worrisome — especially since it can be influenced by environmental factors outside our control. Of course, by eating a Beauty Detox-friendly diet, you’re already avoiding many toxins and difficult to digest oils that can lead to cellulite build up. That’s amazing, and I applaud you!

But what if you do everything right and cellulite is still an issue or worry? Well, one way infrared therapy can help is is through the elimination of heavy metals.

Few people know this, but heavy metals are so toxic, our body does the smart thing and surrounds them with fat stores — in order to protect our vital organs and tissue. Over time, however, these metals can remain lodged in the body, surrounded by protective fat layers, leading to cellulite buildup unless the heavy metals are removed from the cells.

Again, just like we saw with the rescue workers, infrared rays are one of the best ways to penetrate the skin, open the cells and help cleanse fat cells of toxins, stagnancy and waste. This can lead to a steady but meaningful reduction in cellulite.

Weight Loss, Too?

How is it possible for a sauna to help with fat? As we discussed a moment ago regarding cellulite, it’s normal and indeed necessary for the body to store fat as a “protective layer” that insulates your organs against toxicity. This is especially true when it comes to the ultra toxic substances, such as heavy metals.

Once these toxins are released, which infrared light/heat can help with, the excess fat and fluid is no longer needed for protection. This can lead to a potential reduction in overall weight and inches around the waste.

Indeed, Canadian researchers found that subjects who were exposed to infrared heat therapy for three 20-minute sessions per week lost approximately one inch of fat around their waistline in only three short months. That’s with no other changes to their diet or exercise program. [2] Pretty impressive, right?

Infrared Can Even Help With Pain


Many pain symptoms are triggered by, or at least related to, poor circulation. Thus it makes sense that when you raise your core body temperature and stimulate your heart to pump more blood, your circulation improves. It’s through this process that pain can be mitigated, sometimes to a tremendous degree.

There has been some promising initial research in this area. One such study—published in a 2009 issue of the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology—took patients with rheumatoid arthritis and gave them 8 infrared sauna sessions over 4 weeks. In a statistically high portion of patients, there was a reduction in pain, stiffness and fatigue. [3]

Results were observed both short-term and long-term. Best of all, there were none of the adverse side effects that you’d typically associate with pain reduction drugs or treatments.

So How Do You Get All These Benefits?

Sauna Pic 3Seeing all this, it’s only natural to wonder how you can get all the benefits of infrared light/heat on a regular basis.

You could spend more time in the sun, but that is not for everyone. Even though I personally believe some sun exposure is healthy, even if just 10-15 minutes per day, I also understand the argument for too much sun aging your skin. It also seems likely that we all have different needs depending on our skin pigment and genetic heritage.

Another option would be to have an infrared sauna at home — but historically those devices are huge, cost many thousands of dollars, and require you get fully undressed, making them cumbersome and requiring too much time.

Seeing all this, I decided to offer a very unique type of infrared sauna to this community. It’s hands-free, so you can be reading or on your laptop while using it, and your delicate facial skin is not heated at all. While it’s still pricy, it’s far cheaper than most larger ones, takes up less space, and is super easy to use each day. I explain more about the sauna we offer and recommend on this page. img-sauna

Of course, I realize purchasing a sauna may not be in your budget — and that’s totally okay. There are so many things you can do to detoxify, look younger and feel better — this sauna is just one tool and not for everyone.

I personally love having an at-home device that’s as gentle as this infrared sauna, which raises my body’s core temperature, opens up my pores, promotes detoxification, potentially reduce pain and stiffness (which is amazing after yoga) — even helps keep cellulite at bay – and I use mine quite often.

Whatever you decide, whether you choose to get moderate amounts of sunshine, or infrared treatments someplace outside your home, or you purchase one of these portable sauna units — I hope you found this post helpful and have a better understanding of how infrared light and heat can help your health.


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  1. Could you tell me the dimensions of the infrared sauna? I’m thinking about getting one for the new year & putting it in my bedroom to see if that can help with my waistline/stomach area which I’ve been unable to get down. I have both of your books….should I get the glowing lean system also? Is the information the same? I drink the glowing green smoothie everyday & I’m taking the probiotics….making little changes each day. Thank you for all that you do…. I’m hoping to be fabulous at 50 which is one year away!

    • Hi Jay,

      The dimensions are approximately: L 45in x W 27in x H 32in.

      In terms of Glowing Lean, there is some cross over with the books but it’s more interactive and feels more like “coaching” whereas the books are a lot of reading. If you are more of a visual/audio or needed added encouragement, then you will likely get a lot from it.


  2. Hi! Is this a near-infrared sauna and what is the difference between a far-infrared and near-infrared sauna? Do both have health benefits? I have read lately that near has more benefits? Thanks!

  3. Hi Kimberly,
    interesting as always :-)
    thank you so much for your blog, your work, just you!
    One thing that makes me startle: just melting the fat and bringing heavy metals into the blood stream usually is not helpful, because the body needs transporting molecules to move the heavy metals out – otherwise it wouldn’t have stored them in the first place.
    So, from my experience, it is necessary to additionally provide ourselves with Chlorella, MSM, Coconut oil and lots of pectin (and more of all this than even a beauty detox diet contains) over a time span of at least 3 months to get the stuff finally out.
    Do you agree on that or have any other suggestions? Would love to hear!

    I hope I will be able to get one of the gorgeous saunas once the international shipping is available.
    Thank you so much for the bright light you are –


  4. Kymberly,
    Your help would be the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER.

    What do you reccommend people eat on an anti-candida diet ? (gluten free grains or none? low sugar fruits or none?)
    I have folliculitis rash all over my face and neck for the 4th time. I took antibiotics for 5 years for acne and stopped them 2 years ago. Ever since I’ve had folliculitis reoccuring. A skin sample showed no bacteria so derm assumed it was folliculitis. Its not itchy, just a million small skin colored bumps covering my face and neck and chest.

    I take probiotics. Digestive enzymes made me vomit the first time I tried them (solaray brand) I’ve been eating pumpkin seeds and small small amounts of coconut oil. (One day I had 2 tbs of coconut oil and vomited). I’m not sure if this is candida die off or what. Since its the xmas season I have been eating more sugar BUT making morning smoothies and cut up peppers and hummus for lunch the past few months so less sugar overall than normal with random bouts of more than normal.

    Just want to know if gluten free grains are OK and low sugar fruits. This rash is really depressing.

    I should also say THIS outbreak of folliculitis was after I had a little cut on my face so maybe it got infected and gave me the rash. It also started THE DAY AFTER I tried oil pulling…….. so maybe it all IS a detox THIS TIME. I stopped oil pulling after a few weeks and still have the rash weeks later.

    Help?! Please… I’m a big fan.. Trying the lower sugar GGS next week if I can find some pears. Berries didnt cut it!

  5. Hi Kimberly,

    Do you ever plan on introducing your skincare line that you spoke about from a few years ago in your book?


  6. I suffer from eczema and have heard that the dry heat in a sauna is not good for skin conditions such as this. Does an infrared sauna differ form other saunas with the coals in them?

  7. Pranam Kimberly!
    This is unrelated to this post, but just wanted to let you know that I am really hoping that you could write a blog/ article on fertility/ pregnancy and eating whole- vegan- foods. There is so much controversy on what is acceptable out there. I would love to hear your thoughts soon I hope!

  8. I’m curious why the whole body is not in the sauna. I have an infrared sauna and it’s total body, have used it for 5 years. There are studies done on the Finish people and that their long lives are contributive to saunas and diet. It’s also changed my skin on my face and chest wall. So yes, you have to change your clothes, but the benefits out way it all. And why to we have to be connected to the iPad, computer or cell phone? Take 20-30 minutes away from such busy mind boggling stuff. Use it as a time out from the hectic world. It is a good tool… not sure about the 1/2 sauna.

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