Introducing the Realize Yourself Podcast

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If you’d like additional information and inspiration to support you on your health and overall wellness journey, then I’ve got some wonderful news! Because today I’m thrilled to announce an all new podcast that I’ll be offering! I’ll be conducing it with with my dear colleague Tony, as well as other guests and experts.

Each week, we’ll cover new happenings in the community, sometimes very personal to my own life, while chatting freely about specific issues that relate to health, beauty, empowerment, emotional health, the spiritual journey, and much more. Of course, we’ll often touch on nutrition, just as I do on this blog, but remember that the Realize Yourself movement is about much more than what you eat or put into your body! We’ll speak in-depth on many areas that affect the way you feel on every level — and it’s totally unscripted, unedited, just a free-flowing conversation I’m confident you’ll love.

The first podcast is playable below, where I encourage you to subscribe, so that you’re automatically sent our latest podcast automatically each week. From there, you can easily play it on your phone, iPad, or laptop.

I’m so excited to present this new tool to you, and I encourage you to use it each week for more support on your unique journey.
Thank you for joining us and participating in our authentic conversations!
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17 Responses to “Introducing the Realize Yourself Podcast

  1. Amazing podcast! Really liked the “Beauty Sleep”-Podcast. I am attending university in Germany and it’s so true that most students establish going to bed very late because of “studying”… (;

  2. Your timing couldn’t be more perfect. I purchased the Beauty Detox book while in NYC when Hurricane Sandy hit and we were stranded in the city. Bookstore (thankfully) was open. Maybe that was the universe speaking to me? Anyway, have fully incorporated your nutrition philosophy into my daily life and it’s been a blessing. I am thinking much clearer, feel cleaner, body is operating naturally as it was designed to. I have moved away from processed foods/products and am pursuing my own path and loving it. From the GGS to making my own products – cleanser/scrubs/toner/moisturizer, I am almost a non-consumer of mass marketing companies…very liberating. Pursuing yoga as well. Have felt the urge to expand my lifestyle choices to develop even more self awareness. Will look forward to staying ‘aligned’ with your self-realization podcasts as I grow on my holistic living journey. Thank you for changing my life.

  3. Really enjoyed your première podcast while consciously trying to align from within…..very hearty! Look forward to your next enlightening inspirations.

  4. I loved the first podcast! There are several topics that you guys touched on that really hit close to home. I can’t wait to make this my weekly ritual!

    • Thanks Joy. Unfortunately, we realized after posting that you can only subscribe after the 3rd podcast. Sorry for the mixup, but you will be able to subscribe soon!

    • It will be available after the third podcast Janice, but so glad you want to subscribe and excited to be sharing more with you and everyone soon :)

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