Announcing the Finalists of Our Infrared Sauna Contest!

This is it–the big day! It’s been over two weeks since we announced our new community site at–along with a new recipe contest where the creator of the best recipe gets to win one of my new infrared saunas, valued at over $1800.

First, let me say that I’m blown away by all the amazing recipes submitted. I wish I could give every single participant an “honorable mention” and I am so very proud of all of you! Each day, I’d look around and see beautiful pictures, and I am in awe of being about to witness your creative power and applying it in use with the Beauty Detox principles. It really warms my warm to see all this. I sincerely hope you keep it up, long after this contest is complete.

Of course, the abundance of high-quality new recipes everyone created made the decision to narrow it down to just three finalists that much more difficult. After much deliberation, here are the 10 finalists:

Illuminating Butternut Squash and Kelp Noodles by Holly Lynn Rose



Mangiate! Raw Italian Gorilla Wraps by Denise D’Agostino



Open Sesame (Turkish Khalva) by Renata Olejnik



Irish Chard Bomb by Niki P



Probiotic Salad and Dharma Kale Hand Roll by Coley Jones



Fresh Cranberry & Carrot Smoothie by Coley Jones



Fresh Sesame Asian Noodles by Amy Limmer-Smith



Banana Bites by Leti



Beetroot Mille-Feux With Raw Vegan ‘Goat’ Cheese by Yama ActWild



Date Night Brussels by Sophie London


Now, here’s the exciting part: The entire community gets to vote, and you can choose any one of these finalists by clicking here and going over to the Realize Yourself community site. There, we’ve created new posts at the top of the forum for each finalist, making it easy for you to see them and vote. To cast your vote, simply click the “like” button for the recipe you think should win.

Then, on Thursday, we’ll tally up all the votes and announce the winner.

I hope that makes sense, please let us know if you have any questions. More information about the amazing, hands-free infrared sauna can be seen on this page. Thank you so much for participating and making this contest such an uplifting, helpful experience for the entire community.

Your humble Heart Warrior,


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5 Responses to “Announcing the Finalists of Our Infrared Sauna Contest!

  1. Congratulations to all of the finalists:)) Each & every one looks amazing! You all did an amazing job creating such beautiful dishes:)))

  2. All these recipes look superb, I’ve had a chance to try a couple and they were fabulous! Congratulations to all the finalists!

  3. Kimberly – I have never been interested in cooking .. when I tried, I was no good at it. I have been making 3-4 of your recipes every weekend now and LOVE all of them! I never thought I would go without eating meat, but I am a convert! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! XO from Phoenix

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