My Simple Yoga Goddess Sequence (video!)

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If you remember from last week, I listed 13 benefit of yoga that may surprise you; so I thought why not teach a simple yoga sequence I love?

This is something I love to do when I’m traveling or busy with projects, as it always leaves me feeling grounded and powerful afterwards.

Give it a try. Gather energy from the earth, generate power and strength, and channel your inner goddess! We all have all the power we need within us.

Namaste and Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Love and blessings,


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  1. Just wanted to contact you concerning your FB Beauty Detox which is hosted by Desi. Yesterday Desi put up a post about Justins Chocolate Hazelnut and was promoting it. I had commented that I had tried it and then I read the ingredients and threw it away. Later on in the day I posted the ingredients and noticed it was deleted, so I reposted the ingredients and noticed it was taken down once again. Ok 3 is the charm, but Desi took it down. The full ingredients which lists Cane Sugar as its 3rd ingredient was never mentioned and I thought the readers should know. Desi decided to sensor my posts, which were honestly just to enlighten the group as she was pushing everyone to purchase it. It’s very disheartening when Desi leaves in posts from people fighting, but sensored me.
    I left a message today asking desi why she deleted my post of the ingredients and she replied that it was because it was mentioned other times. I wanted to answer her but now she has cut me off the thread. This is highly disturbing as I just wanted to put the truth in. I am an honest and ethical person and this is demeaning. Plus I’ve read your 2 books and walk the walk and believe me I do not think that you would want to support Desi’s actions.
    I look forward to your reply
    Respectfully, Lynda Facci

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