My Raw Sprouted Buckwheat Granola Recipe (video!)

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Today I wanted to share my Raw Sprouted Buckwheat Granola with you, which is a favorite in my house, as well as with my clients.  It’s the perfect snack to keep in your bag, whenever you’re traveling, and even a nice treat for your kids.  And because it’s gluten-free, high in B vitamins, minerals, and protein, it’s a snack you can feel good about having!

Also, if you’re in a climate that’s similar to ours here in Los Angeles, pay attention to my technique here, because I have a little trick for sprouting, as the dry weather really affects the process.  I also have a tip for those that don’t have a dehydrator too and how to get energy from the environment around you.


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  1. At 3:14 it sounds like Kimberly says “2 teaspoons powdered cinnamon” but just checked the recipe in “The Beauty Detox Foods” and it’s actually “2 teaspoons powdered stevia”. 1 Tablespoon cinnamon comes later at 3:28. GREAT tip for quick sprouting. Thanks Kimberly!

  2. So excited to try out your recipe for Raw Sprouted Buckwheat Granola. One question…in the video, with the list of ingredients, the first items after the sprouts – you say, powdered cinnamon – but it white and you speak about sweetness. Could it possibly be powdered stevia? Thank you for sharing all of your great recipes!

  3. Hi Kiimberly,

    The first paragraph is a thank you and the second is a question about the recipe.
    Thank you so very much for all of your magnificent books, articles, and you tubes. I so appreciate all of your information! I have been studying nutrition and exercise for about 30 years and have been on many different plans, 18 years ago I did a fair amount of fasting and tried all raw. I am thrilled with the clarity of your explanations for why you suggest all of your detoxing ideas. I started on Blossoming Beauty 4 months ago, as I had a sugar addiction. I then went to Radiant Beauty 1 month ago, less the bananas (yesterday and today I tried them but appear to be allergic – I had a severe reaction in my throat and mouth when I drank the smoothie, today I did not drink it) I am delighted with my vitality, flexibility (I had arthritis but have no signs of it now and my yoga postures are amazing),health (I had digestion problems) and weight. Many people have noticed the change in me and I send them to your website and your books. I had no idea that I had an extra 18 pounds, I knew I was 8 pounds over my adult weight of 128 but I ended up losing another 10 pounds with ease and now am staying between 118 and 120. I am 5’7″.

    This recipe looks fantastic. I have had no added sweeteners for 4 months but I plan to try this. At 3:13 you say that you are adding 2 t of powdered cinnamon, which is white, then at 3:28 you say that you are adding 1 T of cinnamon, which looks like cinnamon. Is there powdered white cinnamon or was it something else?

    Thank you again for all of your beautiful and loving work.
    I feel your calm, joyful, and loving nature in everything you do.

    With tremendous gratitude,

    P.S. If you ever need an editor please contact me. I am an exceptional proofreader and I am great at noticing details in videos and you tubes. I do appreciate your “progress not perfection,” though I have an inner perfectionist that comes out when needed.

  4. I love making my own raw buckwheat crackers. Quite by accident found out that they contain a natural toxin that increases light sensitivity. My daughter and I came home from the beach with weird sunburn after having a meal of raw buckwheat the night before. We were careful to use sunscreen at the beach so I know that something was up. The sunburn splotches made me do some research. Sprouting buckwheat increases the amount of fagopyrin, to keep the toxin at its minimum, it’s best to just soak the groats and then use.

    • thank you for the note on this! I won’t stop eating this wonderful food but will make sure to rinse the raw grouts one last time before working with them. What a great recipe!

  5. On this video you said at about minute 3:30 : add 2 T. powdered cinnamon and you added something white and said you could make it as sweet as you want?

    Then lemon juice then you said 1 T. of cinnamon.
    Did you mean to add cinnamon twice or was this a mistake? Thanks!


    Who is your tech person and why can’t they fix this. It’s super annoying and the box is so oversized that I can’t even click out of it on my iphone. Please fix it!!

  7. Thanks for sharing. One thing I noticed is that you mentioned you put in cinnamon however it was a white powder, then after you advised to put cinnamon in and it looked like cinnamon.

    What was the first powder you added?

  8. In the sprouted buckwheat video you introduced the first ingredient as powdered cinnamon and yet added cinnamon again later. The first time it didn’t look like cinnamon. What was it?

  9. Looks great! What’s the difference in the first ingredient you put in ‘powdered cinnamon’ & the cinnamon you put in later?

  10. Great video. Can not wait to try the recipe, but during the video you said the first ingredient was cinnamon, but it was white? And then about the 3rd ingredient you said it was cinnamon. can you give all the ingredients again.


  11. The first ingredient that you added to the buckwheat: you said “powdered cinnamon”, but then you added cinnamon later. What was that ingredient, please?

  12. Hi Kimberly,
    You said cinnamon twice and Just want to clarify the recipe. The first time it wasn’t cinnamon that you put in.
    Can’t think of what it would be!

  13. Hi there, in your video you mentioned cinnamon twice. A white ingrediant that you mentioned was powdered cinnamon then a couple lines later, cinnamon again.

  14. Hi Kimberly!

    Great video. I just have a quick question- at the part (around 3:10 ish) where you begin adding in the cinnamon, salt, lemon, etc., the very first thing you add is powdered cinnamon, which was white. And then later you add regular cinnamon, which was the brown-reddish color. I would like to make sure- is powdered cinnamon white? And regular cinnamon the reddish brown color? Or was the first thing you added stevia? I just wasn’t sure and wanted to ask, as I’d like to make this some day. :)

    I hope you have a glorious day! I’ve recently started your books and absolutely love them. -Sarah

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