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A few days ago I got back from 3 weeks in beloved India, one of my favorite places in the entire world (I wrote a bunch of blogs before, and also posted over there. Will get back to blog comments again though!).

It was one of the my greatest journeys of all time, in many ways. Firstly, I got to pilgrimmage to many of the sacred places of my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda and the lineage of Kriya yoga parem-gurus, mentioned in Autobiography of a Yogi and other sacred writings. Taking this trip and getting to see these places has been a long dream of mine, and I have not been able to make it back to India in over 8 years. The sacred temples, meditation spots, caves and ashram grounds, where I spent the majority of the journey and was the primary purpose of the journey, can not be pictured here, but I wanted to share some of the pictures of daily life in India, and you’ll see some amazing places (where it’s okay to take pictures), like the Mahabodhi Temple, where Buddha reached Enlightenment. Secondly… my boyfriend and I also got engaged along the way! He carried the ring in his jacket for over 2 weeks before the moment. So it is a trip to remember.

Well let’s start the journey! I’ll let the pictures mostly speak for themselves, with some brief explanations.


First destination: Kolkata (Calcutta). This is not a city for the faint of heart. Pretty shocking, as you’ll see some of the most extreme things you may ever see in your life. We stayed at an ashram in the Dakshineswar district. You could get around to nearby things with bicycle rickshaw, or simply walking down the dirt roads.


Life in Kolkata. On the streets millions of people intersect in the most hectic mish-mosh of cows, autorickshaws, walkers, cars, bicycle rickshaws, stray dogs and goats (sans traffic lights), but somehow it all works. I see the beauty there.IMG_2820(Permission to show) Temple of the Levitating Saint Nagendra Nath Bhaduri.
IMG_2875Childhood house of Guruji, Paramanhansa Yogananda.


You always have to take your shoes off before entering temples, and leave them for long periods (sometimes in the “right” spots, or sometimes just in piles near the entrances!). It’s always a leap of faith they’ll be there when you get back…but they always are.


I think I ate 108,000 bananas on the trip. Oh, and oranges also! (More on the wonderful Indian food I ate, below)


Ahh! Getting a breather near the river, away from the craziness of Kolkata (since we were visiting all the sacred places throughout Kolkata and Serempore, we couldn’t just meditate in the ashram all day, as tempting as that was sometimes).

Next stop: Bodhgaya. This is the most important pilgrimmage place in the world for all Buddhists, as it is here that Buddha reached Enlightenment. You’ll find this imposing 80-foot Buddha…


And all around the Bodhi tree is a big temple and stupas across the grounds, where pilgrims stay all day and meditate and perform their pujas.


IMG_0615 IMG_0644

Here it is! The sacred banyan tree beneath which, a few thousand years ago, Prince Siddhartha renounced his princely throne and all material goods to sit and meditate…for 7 years. At the end, he was Enlightened and became Buddha.




This whole experience is too intense to adequately explain. I was prepared for beautiful temples and carvings and statues, but I was not prepared for the human element: the thousands of pilgrims circling the tree, the Buddhist chants filling the air, the incense, the extreme peaceful vibrations. It was so incredibly beautiful and powerful.



From sunup to sundown (the temple is open 4 am -9 pm) Buddhists come and perform their pujas, where they slide out in prostration over wooden boards in prayer, then slide back up, over and over again. There were monks and Buddhists from Thailand, Laos, Tibet and the now Tibetan-inhabited regions of northern India (where I visited last time), and all around the world.



Through the gates of the barrier, we took this picture. That is the actual “Diamond Throne” as it is referred to now, where the Buddha reached Enlightenment, and the principles of the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path were laid out.


Here is the front view of the temple. The sacred tree is the left of that big, main stupa.


This is a local guide we hired to take us around the temple and tell us about the history. The temple grounds are huge, and it took half a day to do so. But as we were settled beneath the holy tree meditating, a few of these leaves – from the tree that Buddha reached Enlightenment under!!- fell down near us. What amazing momentos. We are framing them of course!





After going to the most sacred Buddhist city in the world, we went to one of the most sacred Hindu cities: Varanasi, along the holy river Ganges.


Here’s where you’ll see all kinds of extreme things in the wonderful chaos, including cows going anywhere they like, including in the middle of busy roads!


IMG_1443The old city, where we stayed, is a mysterious maze of alleys. No cars, no autorickshaws, just people…and more cows of course!


Life along the holy river, lined with ghats (steps leading down to the river). We walked along the river morning and evening, and there are infinite interesting things going on to look at!

  IMG_1415IMG_1414 IMG_1368 The river is holy to Hindus. Bathing in, performing pujas (prayers/ceremonies) are part of daily life. Dying in Varanasi and getting cremated there is considered very auspicious. Last time I was in Varanasi it was summer, so you saw many more people going in the river. Still, there were many…the hard-core people!












Another of the four holy Buddhist sites is located an hour outside Varanasi, called Sarnath. It is where Buddha delivered his first sermon, and hence the whole religion of Buddhism sprung. Below is a solid stupa erected in the place where his first sermon took place.



Cow crossing- in front of a saint’s house. House of Lahiri Mahayasa.


Taking a boat ride on the river around 6 is amazing…to light the flower lamps for blessings to put into the river, and watch the sunrise.


IMG_0998 IMG_0997



Outdoor temples every few steps. Getting a chance to sniff some fresh turmeric.

It’s important to realize that in Hinduism, there is a belief in one God, but aspects of God are represented in different forms. I don’t consider myself any one religion, but I am deeply spiritual and have my Kriya yoga practices. I respect all true religions, and bow down to the one God that I believe is present behind all forms of spirituality and religion.  Kriya yoga has nothing to do with asanas (poses), but is all pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation-based. I didn’t practice any asanas while I was in India. I just meditated.



Here’s the sweet little guy I would get my flower lamps from every day. He sold them early in the morning and evening, when he wasn’t in school. His English improves by the day!


I didn’t realize how many wild monkeys there were in India. Not just in the cities, but all throughout the Himalayas, when we journeyed up there later in the trip. Hoards of them running through fields and jumping from tree to tree! This is outside our hotel window.





Every night in Varanasi, for the 5 nights we were there, we attended the Shiva Puja, on the main Mandir Ghat, near our hotel. It is like the leadup to the most exciting Broadway show you’ve ever been to. Hundreds of locals gather, coming in by foot or boat. The ceremony itself consists of smoke and fire, singing and bells. It lasts over an hour…and at the end you felt every cell in your body recharged.


One special night, we got called to sit up right at the very front. And I got asked to help with the flower ceremony! It was a great honor.

It was on a moonlit night, walking near the river after the ceremony the last night in Varanasi, that we got engaged. :)



After Varanasi we headed into the Himalayas. It was a long journey to get to the ashram up there. It involved long train and car rides. But we made it…and we completed seeing what was going to be the most difficult place to get to: Babaji’s cave. It was the one place I was not sure we could make it to, as this time of year there is snow sometimes and it gets really dangerous. But we were able to complete the trek there.





Sunset in the Himalayas.


Delhi…after the mountains. We went sightseeing the Red Fort, Hamayun’s Tomb, etc.

You may be wondering what I ate the whole time. Well let me tell you, I feasted! I did not have GGS or salads of course, which were completely unavailable. I stuck to proper Beauty Food Pairing rules and strictly avoided any type of dairy, including ghee (butter). I also ate really low fat, asking them not to make things with a lot of oil, or simply avoiding ashram food dishes that looked oily, or that I suspected had some kind of dairy.

I ate piles of rice and daal, potatoes, and some other vegetables, and even some exotic fruits! I did eat gluten as well- naan bread- though I’m not sure if their wheat is as hybridized as the US’s. I took lots of digestive enzymes…and felt amazing!! Both my fiance and I lost weight and felt completely energized the whole time. As I always say, you can’t be too rigid and you have to appreciate and feel grateful for any food you eat.

I also felt much better and had greater energy on low-fat cooked food then high-fat food, even if it 100% raw, like eating a nut meat burger with flaxseed bread! Or too much coconut and avocado in one day. Too much fat is so heavy and dense, and congestive. So it’s not about cooked vs. raw. Balance is the key to all.



We slept in a mosquito net sometimes, because even though it was cold around Delhi, there were lots of mosquitos! I chose not to take malaria pills (after being on them in Africa, I vowed to never take them again unless I was in an extremely high risk area).

Ashram life is not comfortable per se. There is hot water only one hour of the day (5-6 am), it is absolutely freezing this time of year as there is no heat, and the beds are basically wooden planks with a thin pad over them. At the ashram in the Himalayas, there was no shower, but only a bucket and a waist-high faucet you could wash yourself with- with freezing cold water that is.  The flip side is getting to live amongst the monks and entrenched in the spiritual environment. I would not trade our ashram stays for any 5-star hotel.


IMG_1934On the way home, we stopped in Dubai for 2 days, to see it.

That shiny building behind me is the tallest building in the world.

Tallest building, biggest mall (most air conditioning consumption too!)…it was interesting to see once. It was a very sharp contrast to what I had seen in India.



First time touching the Arabian/Persian Gulf!


Hope you have enjoyed the journey!!

I feel very inspired and renewed by the trip to the Motherland.

Shanti, peace, blessings and love to all.

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  1. I second that! India in fact is one among the most wonderful place in this world. And especially for people who long for spiritual bliss; India is a place to be. There is this craziness and a kind of religious fantasy in people of India. Well, Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Visiting Bodhgaya, a place where Lord Buddha was enlightened, must be magical. Congratulations for your engagement :)

  2. Thanks for this post. It is Very nice Pictures. I like it. Thanks for sharing knowledge about travels. Ask you to share good Blog again.

  3. I still enjoying to see your awesome blog and i would like to say that your all pic is remarkable. My favorites would be wild monkey because i love to know wild animal . Thanks for share..

  4. This article has some great and useful information. India is a great travel destination that’s growing in popularity. Magnificent shot and great angle. Thanks for sharing

  5. What a lovely post. And you have seen more of India than I have despite being born and bred here…true blue Indian. Glad to see another devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda. And I’ve not even been to Ranchi :-(

  6. Hi Kimberly!
    Following your plan and eating very clean and natural, I’m traveling to some remote places in Southeast Asia this summer. Of course, the doctor’s recommendation is to have many vaccinations — Hepatitis A&B, Typhoid and Melaria pills. I’ve never been one for the flu shot and other unnecessary injections, but also want to be safe. I was wondering what you did when traveling through India and what your recommendation would be?

  7. A very inspiring blog, especially as I am quitting my Job in May to travel to India for 6 months. I am starting in Delhi and I will be heading to the Himalayas for a few weeks. If there is anything (anything at all) you can suggest / recommend I would be very grateful if you could drop me an email. I hope you are both well, and I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.

  8. Congratulations on your engagement, Kimberly! I loved looking through these photos and reading your descriptions. Your blog, book, and overall philosophy have completely changed my life, and I am grateful to have found you. Love and light to you and your fiancee!

  9. Hi Kim,
    Amazing pictures, thank you such much for the wonderful pictures! Congrats to you and your hubby! I hope this is not your last entry, since you Launch you new site. keep up your great work, my over all Heath has changed so much because of your book and blog. That strangers stop me in the street and ask me what I’m I doing because my face is glowing. Thank you, I feel wonderful. I’m saving my pennies so can go on the glowing lean system.
    Thank you much love.

    • Hi Everyone!
      Thank you guys so much for writing to me and saying that you loved the pictures. That makes me so happy to hear! I love to write and share with you about things that I love and that are near to my heart…and India is one of them.
      This trip in particular reminded me how connected we are…I say that a lot but on the trip I could feel it in all my cells. Love is the uniting force, and it is our natural state to express it.

      Thank you again so much everyone for your beautiful comments!
      Much love and gratitude for you,

      • Kim,
        I just read your blog and loved your stories and photos. I will be in Kolkota and Varanasi for sure in November and am considering taking more time over to Jodhpur and Pushkar Fair. I am a photographer and loved my last visit to India. Did you enjoy going north to Himalayas?
        Congratulations on your engagement

  10. Love you Kimberly…this so makes me want to go back the the motherland.
    Thanks for inspiring my life all the way in JAMAICA.
    I would love to invite you here to share your message.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    live fit*live life*live love!

  11. We at The Naked Label absolutely love this photo blog of your trip to India. I felt as though I had travelled to India myself and was able to experience this through your clear pictures and words! Thanks for sharing this with us! We love banana’s too and love that you ate about 108,000 :) We would have too :)

  12. The pictures are awesome. I am new to your website and look forward to learning about smart eating. Congrats on your engagement and God Bless!

  13. Kimberly,

    Simply WOW. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. The one with the sunrise in the boat is breathtaking. What wonderful memories you’ve made & congrats on your engagement! You are such an inspiration to many, especially my family. This is so exciting! Enjoy it immensely. Wishing you all the best.

  14. Great journal of India. As a third generation kriyaban in SRF it was wonderful to see a few pics of places from the AY. As many times as I have read it, I have never had a desire to go there, but I love seeing the beautiful pics from there. Since growing up in SRF and so-cal my whole life, I realized this last year after my daughter was born, that I am a total carboholic, And although we didn’t eat meat, we ate a lot of processed veggie meat(morning star) and packaged foods. I am really looking at ingredients now and slowly incorporating your recipes in our life. Have added GGS, Protein enzyme salad, ginger/cayenne tea, and like the Quince with red onion and Avocado. After my daughter was born I had to go on thyroid medicine(first time on medication in my life :(. With the diet change, I am feeling better and better. Thank you and congrats.

  15. Congratulations, Kim! Thank you for sharing your stunning trip/engagement! Looks like you two are in for an amazing life of adventure and fun together!

    I was just re-reading the BDS and whilst doing so, received “10 hidden fat triggers”!. I CANNOT thank you enough, it is laid out perfectly and I will be forcing my friends and family to read it!!

    Thanks again!

  16. These pictures are incredible! They’re so captivating and beautiful I felt like I was there with you. Congratulations on your engagement!!!!!!! :)

  17. Absolutely stunning pics! I have never been to India and through your photos, I feel like I was there!

    Congrats on your engagement! I’m truly happy for you both!

  18. I was born in India and grew up in Dubai (yes, the contrast between the two is intense), but NYC is my favorite place in the world :-) Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! CONGRATS on your engagement! Just wanted to let you know how inspiring I find you–after following your blog for a couple of years and absorbing so much info from it, I FINALLY started doing a green smoothie every day as my 2013 resolution–already feeling so good! Thank you!! Keep blogging :-)

  19. Long time lurker, but not commenter. Felt that I needed to say something on this post. Beautiful pictures..just looking at them made me relax and not feel so tense. congrats on the engagement.

  20. Thank you Kimberly. You are a constant source of inspiration (My life has changed since reading your book). Pictures of India are breathtaking. Congratulations to you and your fiancee.

  21. Kimberly,
    Thank you so very much for sharing some of the memories from your trip to India with all of us.
    Congratulations on your engagement – may you together have many, many, many happy years !!

  22. Your photos/descriptions gave me chill bumps! Thank you for sharing your experience and life with us…it has made a difference in mine!

  23. Loved hearing about your journey and thoroughly enjoyed the pictures you posted. Congratulations on your engagement!! Very happy for both of you.

  24. GREAT pics……I have not had the desire to go to India until now seeing your pictures. :) Thank you for sharing! Congrats to you on your engagement!

  25. wow!! Amazing and so inspiring thank you so much for sharing, I hope one day that I can visit this special place on Earth as well!!!!

  26. Congratulations on your engagement! That brought back memories of my trip to India (March 2012). For a month I traveled India & Southeast Asia. You were right when you said “you’ll see some of the most extreme things you may ever see in your life”! I did a fun food tour in Delhi ( that takes you to all these little hidden places where you would have never tried on your own & the guide tells you all about the food. Thanks for sharing all your travels!

    • I will be traveling to India for a couple of weeks very soon and am wondering if I need to take the immunization shots that are recommend in the U.S. I don’t usually like taking meds, but is this warranted? Should I take them?

  27. Thank you for sharing this kimberly! You are truly an inspiration to me! And congratulations on your engagement!!! :) I noticed again in this post your reference to bananas! I love them too and have followed your book for over a year now. I have revisited the blossoming beauty phase a few times. I am once again doing blossoming beauty as I noticed I was getting very bloated with the GGS. I’ve cut out all sweet fruit and instantly have less bloating and tend to drop weight as well. I have had issues with my digestion for several years now from ballet, but have been working on it. Your book has been a wonderful help! I’m just curious if you’ve ever cut out sweet fruit for a time and what ‘sweet treat’ you had to get through this phase? I know the things you recommend in your book.. Just wondering if u had any other ideas now.. I tend to go straight for the dark chocolate. I know u suggest not to have it everyday. Really want to get on top of this digestion issue so I can enjoy bananas again and feel good eating them! I also make your p&e salad, take digestive enzymes & probiotics. Also, is it ok to have your power protein smoothie 4-5 days a week?
    Thank you for all that you do!!! :) Love Julia xx

  28. Wow! Your trip and photos are amazing. That Indian food looks delicious! I did not realized you were engaged..Congratulations Kim! I wish you a lifetime of love, happiness and fulfillment.

  29. Congratulations on your engagement; I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and commentary; it is all very inspiring! You have shown a beautiful side to India that I don’t think a lot of people are aware of. Thanks again!

  30. Hi, Kimberly,
    I enjoyed your photo account of India very much (second best thing to going there myself). I was wondering about the photo that has you with a basket of fresh turmeric. It sure looked like ginger roots to me, which may be because ginger and turmeric look very similar before grinding.

  31. congratulations…on both the engagement and the beautiful photos!
    you’re right that it is possible to eat healthy there (and anywhere…maybe except the antarctica) if you’re flexible and not rigid about being 100% raw. i do manage to eat mostly raw when i go to india (no greens though!) and my family cooks everything else there without oil – jackfruit, banana flowers and other delicacies notwithstanding! they use a lot of besan – chickpea flour – in india, too, so that is gluten free, as well as south indian dishes made of steamed fermented rice. open mind! thanks for the wonderful post and please come to london!

    • I will be traveling to India for a couple of weeks very soon and am wondering if I need to take the immunization shots that are recommend in the U.S. I don’t usually like taking meds, but is this warranted? Should I take them?

  32. I’m now reading Yogananada’s book now!!! I knew you wrote a great book but also I love that you read great books!!! Thank you for visiting and showing me the historical sites that I have never seen before!!! Very enjoyable!! Tried reading the “Crest Jewel of Discrimination” but its tough!!!! :)

  33. Great pictures :) I always wanted to go but all my Indian friends told me not to go alone. Would you have any tips on travel arrangements? My next stop will be Angor Wat :)

  34. Congrats.

    I am happy you are completing many aspects of your life. I wish you are very happy marriage, hope that you protect your heart, and pray that joyously discover beauty wherever you find yourself in the world.

  35. Wow! Beautiful post… & it makes my heart ache to get back to the Mother Land. And I will soon hopefully :)

    Thank you for sharing. Lovely photos! It is truly a magical place. xo

  36. Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for sharing your beautiful trip with all of us. I hope that someday soon you will put out another book ( maybe more recipes, or a continued guide to detox, or guide for those who want to learn to meditate and start to do yoga, or a recipe book for kids).
    You have taught me so much- thank you I am forever grateful!!!! I wish you a life of happiness and success!!!!!

  37. Thanks for sharing your pilgrimage and photos. Your admiration and love of India comes through. I am glad that I have you as a teacher, I feel that you are a kindred spirit. Love you Kimberly!

  38. Absolutely beautiful pictures. You are glowing in all of them! So kind of you to share your trip in such a personal way :) I’m so happy for you and your lucky guy!!

  39. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us! I teach a world religions course can I have your permission to use these photos?


  40. Congratulations on your engagement! The pictures look amazing….. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip. I did enjoy the pictures! Thank you for sharing :)

  41. Beautiful!!! and Congrats on the engagement best of wishes to you and your fiancee. Thanks for sharing the pictures, BEAUTIFUL

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  43. Thank You so much for sharing!! Kimberly you work really hard and deserve a break. Congrats on your engagement!!! India looks like a very religious, and beautiful place. Thank You for the wonderful photos. A lot of people will never be able to afford to go, so I am so glad to see other parts of the world. Bye……

  44. The pictures are beautiful. Your country is beautiful. I love how colorful everything is.
    I love how simple and happy everything looks.

  45. That was awesome…so nice of you to enlighten your readers and still provide excellent food moderation tips and healthy eating advice! Balance is indeed the key to everything. I loved reading about your personal belief in one God behind all spirituality and religion, but respecting all true religions!

  46. Hi Kimberly! Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of your trip to India! I’ve always wanted to go to India and it was so nice of you to share the photos of your experiences and adventures! Namaste.

  47. what lovely photos, thank you for sharing your journey. I will never get there myself but I enjoyed seeing it through your photos. fay

  48. I truly enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your descriptions. I’ve never been to India but am very tempted – your trip may inspire me.
    Congratulations on getting engaged. Marriage is a wonderful thing.

  49. I spent the summer of 2000 in India, and it was life changing. Your photos are phenomenal. You are the most beautiful and inspiring woman, and I’m so happy for you and your fiancé!

  50. Kimberly…THANK YOU so much for this trip…I have just finished Autobiography of a Yogi again and was so excited to walk with you through this incredible land and feel the Spirit Presence there. Namaste

  51. Thank you Kimberly for the beautiful pics! It’s so interesting to see how other parts of the world live their daily lives, and amazing to me how much time they spend meditating..awesome! And congrats on your engagement, u r beautiful!

  52. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your journey especially since I just came back from the motherland and did a similar journey myself! Your pictures captured everything that I wanted to show my boyfriend so I’m totally showing him this!! The next time you ever decide to go, definitely check out Delhi’s Akshardham, it’s absolutely amazing! And if you don’t get a chance to go there, they’re building one in NJ in the next couple of years. Thanks for sharing your journey!!

  53. What a fantastic journey for you! I loved your photographs! India is a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing them with everyone.

  54. The pictures are very beautiful and speak for itself. I can sense the peace, tranquility and the spirituality from looking at these pictures. It must have been an amazing trip that I guess would put one’s life into prospective. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing the wonderful experience with us all.

  55. Absolutely gorgeous photos, thanks so much for sharing Kimberly! I especially love the one with your hair and semi profile, looking out onto the sunset. You really look like you are in your element.

  56. Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing this. I have always wanted to go to India, and your photographs and your writing about the experiences you had have inspired me to get on with my own plan!

  57. Thank you for sharing. India is such an interesting country. So different than the U.S.
    Another recent post you suggested making almond milk with less water. I had tried the Almond breeze and didn’t like it at all, but I tried your suggestion of one cup almonds to four cups water and I really liked it. I also used xylitol to sweeten it.
    Thanks for this blog. I really enjoy your posts.
    Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you great happiness.

  58. Hi, I had a question about India. I would love to visit but my family & friends say it’s too dangerous for me to go alone or at all. I would like to visit Mumbai for just a week or so. Do you have any advice or words of wisdom. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you Victoria

  59. Hi Kimberly,

    I am from India and love your pictures, I recently came across your Blog and started following your advices.

    You are simply amazing.


  60. thank you so much for sharing! I loved seeing these photos. I leave February 14th for 2 weeks in India on a volunteer vacation. I looking even more forward to it now!!

  61. Hello Kimberly,

    Great pictures, and thanks for sharing. Just a note: India’s agricultural economy was among those most transformed by the green revolution–I’d say that their grains are as hybridized as varieties one might find in the U.S. or elsewhere.

    Your blog is a continual source of knowledge and encouragement to me (I just made your red pepper soup for the first time this afternoon–with a few adjustments). Thank you for sharing your journey in health!

  62. Congratulations on your engagement. I savored all your spectacular photos of India…oh my…what an amazing trip! Thank you for sharing.

  63. Beautiful pictures Kimberly..Thank you for sharing the beauty of the world. I have just read your book and started my family on the Beauty Detox Solution. My little 2 year old loves his GGS and we feel amazing. Thank you for all your knowledge :)

    Congratulations on your engagement !

  64. Hi Kimberly,

    I loved going through this journey with you! It is on my bucket list to get to India and I am now so much more excited because of your gorgeous pictures! Congratulations on your engagement what a memorable way to get engaged :)


  65. Amazing pics… it really felt like traveling with you… thanks so much for sharing!
    And congratulations on your engagement!!!

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