The Long-Term Effects of That Fast Food Meal [Infographic]

No matter where you live, the Fast Food Machine (FFM) will try to get you. They want you, me and everyone that ever eats a meal (yeah, in other words everyone!) or has a dollar in their pocket to support their ever-expanding empire, which is built on a sickening foundation of the cheapest, most processed “food” that contributes to myriad diseases and sickness.

So what I propose to do here is to start you thinking, really thinking, about the implications of every fast food meal. Some will say “Everything in moderation,” but I say not so with fast food and no to disposable diapers! Each fast food meal digests to leave hormones, steroids, next-to-impossible to digest oils, cheap refined sugars, and so many other horrible substances in your body that we made a whole infographic (below) on the subject.

Please share this with friends and family members that eat fast food. Maybe next time old Micky D’s calls out to them they turn their back and go somewhere healthier to eat or just eat a simple, but infinitely healthier meal at home. Think about foods for energy, stuff that grows from the earth and gives us the nourishment we need.
Fast Food


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13 Responses to “The Long-Term Effects of That Fast Food Meal [Infographic]

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  3. I found very interesting the information, especially the fact that neither the fast food in moderation fail to cause great harm to the body, besides causing addiction, I found your blog very interesting and would like to continue.

  4. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Thyroid Disease (Hashimoto). Is it still okay to be a raw vegan. I’ve been told that my vegetables need to be cooked and to avoid cruciferous veggies. Any thoughts you can provide would be appreciated.

  5. Great post. This is off topic but it seems as though I’ve been needing fewer hours of sleep than I used to in the past. I only stay asleep for about 5 or 6 hours a night. Is this normal? Do I need less sleep the healthier I get? I’ve been completely raw vegan for about a year without any cheating. I’m concerned that I’m not getting in enough hours and sometimes try forcing myself to go back to sleep ( but it doesn’t work). I’m not sure what to believe or what to do!?n Should I be concerned?!

  6. Hey Kimberley,
    fantastic article!
    I recently purchased your book and have been amazed!
    I have been following the radiant beauty program and feel fantastic, but just had a few questions for you J

    I was just wondering if it is ok to use cabbage instead of romaine lettuce in the GG smoothie ?

    I have additionally not been eating any organic fruit and vegetables (sorry! ahaha) given the fact I just turned 18, am living at home, and my parents are not very supportive of the fact I am a vegan , only just coming to terms with it, and find the thought of switching organic as even more ridiculous. Just wanted to know if not eating organic fruit and vegetables greatly affects the benefits obtained from your program?

    Thanks so much!

  7. Kim- I was unaware of the dangers of Rotisserie chicken! I find myself picking one up at my local deli to put in soups, ect.. from time to time. You are talking about any Rotisserie chicken correct? It doesn’t necessarily have to come from a fast food restaurant? I love your GGS!! I have it every morning along with my hubby! :)

  8. Thank you for sharing this important information with us, Kimberly. I always look forward to receiving your emails. I especially took note of the info on the McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich…97 ingredients, ughh! I order one of these every now and then, but I think I will make a different choice next time!! Something to definitely think about as I make better food choices…..

  9. What really bothers me about this is I know people that know this information and still eat this way because it tastes good. I don’t think the taste could ever be worth it.

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