My Adventure in Morocco [Pictures]

I just returned from a glorious 2 week trip to Morocco. Why Morocco? I felt I needed to have an adventure, for inspiration and to feed my soul. I got that in spades, plus much more than I could have asked for. Sometimes when you go away to a place so different than what you know, it forces you to re-examine your life, and things you may take for granted.

 Here’s some of the typical food I ate there. Mixed salads, with cucumber, tomatoes, olives, green beans, zucchini, etc. and couscous with vegetables. Though I don’t usually ever eat couscous (I eat millet or quinoa instead), when you’re traveling you have to be flexible and adapt!

 In the souks (covered marketplace), looking for the perfect tea pot!

 Life in the medina, which is the old part of the city. It is all windy alleyways, without cars. It is where I stayed the whole 5 days I was in Marrakesh.


I am very grateful for taking French in school, and also for having a French ex boyfriend whose family didn’t speak English…my decent conversational level of  French allowed me to interact with the locals in Morocco, including this little boy whose family owned a spice stall at the market. I got a lot of traditional spices, including the traditional tangine blend with over 35 spices!

Everywhere you look in Morocco, it is pure magic. The colors, the alleyways, the doors, the doorways…

Jaama El Fna square is the place to be at night. Thousands of locals gather to see live street theater, eat from one of the 100 makeshift restaurants which gets assembled every evening, sell their wares and more. Amazing! It was named in 2001 as a World Heritage Site for “oral history.”

Life = joy.

Snake-charmers at Jaama El Fna!

In the square, there were tons of almonds, walnuts, figs and dates to buy, which grown locally. I stocked up, which was fantastic for snacking on during the whole journey and into the desert.

 This is the local market, at the other end of the medina. Chaos!

This is the famous Baba El Khemis doorway, less than a 3 minute walk from my riad (guesthouse) I stayed at. Life around the door, with donkeys hauling wares and people walking to and from the local market, hasn’t changed much in 500 years.

Lots of fresh vegetables and exotic fruits in Morocco with no GMO produce either!

As a tourist, you don’t interact so much with the women as the men. They remain mysterious.

 The souks were covered in wooden thatched roofs, and sometimes, at just the right time of day, the light would come in through the cracks in the wood, and create this absolutely beautiful, magical light.

My favorite custom in Morocco is that after you shake someone’s hand, you touch your hand to your heart, to show that you take the meeting to heart. I want to keep practicing it.

This is the entranceway to get into our riad. Everything is confusing alleyways, which become even more dizzying at night, when the stalls close and your visual points of reference vanish…At first I was a bit nervous about walking the 20 minutes from the main square to the riad in the dark, through the unlighted alleys, but I realized that it was okay, and safe.


 Ah! Life outside the city. Rented a car and started driving south…

The land changed dramatically from desert landscape, to snowcapped mountains that we had to drive through. The roads were windy and not for the faint of nerves.

Had to get out and play in the snow!

Stopped and stayed at a small village called Ait Bennadou, which has a fairytale-like look to the kasbah (old fortress). The whole village is about the length of 2 NYC blocks. I loved it and we stayed a night down and another night on the way up. Lots of amazing locals, fires in a cozy riad and great food. We were the only tourists in the whole village!

We ate in Berber (the indigenous Moroccan people) tents.

And climbed all through the kasbah.

Next, we drove South through Zagora and M’Hamib, and camped for a few days in the Sahara Desert. This was probably my favorite part of the trip of all. The Tuareg people are the traditional nomads that travel through the desert as their animals (camels, sheep, goats) need more food. I have never met people who love the desert so deeply and love their life there. They play music, wonder at the stars, and are meditative, wonderful people.


At sunset, we would take the camels to go over the sand dunes. Sweet, powerful animals they are.

I won’t lie… at night it was freezing! Slept in simple Berber tents, with a carpet put down right on the sand and some thick blankets to sleep under. No electricity, so just had candles.

This is our Tuareg driver, who drove us to El Chicaga, the biggest sand dunes in Morocco a few hours outside the M’Hamib. This is where the road literally ends, and you are on a 4 x 4 through the sand for hours to the dunes!

Our Tuareg driver was a nomad in the desert for most of his life. He knew where there were interesting rock fossil sites, oases, and lookout points. He knew every twist and turn in the road-less desert.

The energy in the Sahara is palpable and so powerful. I’ve been to deserts in Mongolia, Southern Africa, India, Namibia, Bolivia, Australia and all around the world, but the Sahara may be one of my favorites.

Medersa carvings.

Yoga overlooking the kasbah.

 The ubiquitous mint tea. I always asked for mine “sans sucre” (no sugar)… you can see why!

The nut market part of the souks.

 As with every adventure, the journey changed me and helped me grow. I feel newly refreshed in creativity and inspiration. This time I did go in the middle of a film and in a very busy time, but I am back working for my clients on the film now. There really isn’t ever a perfect time to get up and leave for an adventure, so you just have to go. It is the best thing ever. You’ll never regret it.

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  1. really wenderfulll pic :D but you not seeing all morocco we have a place amaizing of that
    nice one sister

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  3. Hi Kimberly!

    Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of your lifestyle, and that I follow the Beauty Detox Solution on a daily basis. I have given in to my sweet tooth craving once in a while, but am cutting out more than it is coming into my body. Thank you for introducing the Beauty Detox Solution.

    Anyway, my boyfriend and I are heading out to Morocco for some time away from the States. Like you mentioned in your blog, we too, like to get away for an adventure to refresh our mind, body, and soul.

    Since you’ve been to Morocco, how many days would you recommend that we stay there for? To better assist with your response, we plan on being there end of April through to the beginning of May.

    I await your response and appreciate any other tips you may have.

  4. Hey kim! I’m soo glad you liked morocco! I’m moroccan and I admire you all the way from here!! keep up the great work! <3 <3

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  6. I’ve also been to Morocco in November, Marrakech as well! I couldn’t agree more.. it is amazing!!! Fun to see your pics and to remember all those places we’ve also been to :)

  7. Hi Kimberly…Absolutely loved the photos and your book has transformed my life! For so longI have been on a dietary ‘journey’ following anorexia/bulimia as a teenager and gaining alot of weight after having 4 children! Your book has pulled everything together for me and makes more sense than anything I’ve read before. I am from Australia and find it hard to find some of the ingredients you talk about, but am attempting to find them! I do seek your advice tho… As I said, I had been desperately trying to lose weight and was following a carb free, high protien diet but was feeling revolting and not losing much weightat all when I found your book. I am now 2 weeks into the lifestyle change and have pressed through the headaches, nausea etc and am feeling FANTASTIC! My nails have grown so strong and I am not tired at all anymore. My ultimate aim is to feel healthy but I am still not losing any weight, infact, when I weighed myself yesterday, I had actually put on weight. I have about 20kgs to lose to put me in the healthy weight range. Is this normal? Is there something else I could be trying? I just know in my spirit that this is the right lifestyle for me..although have still needed a few cooked veggies, and unfortunately can’t stomache the texture of the GGS so have been having the Green Juice, (I am following Blossoming Beauty)but know that I need to lose the weight to be at my optimum health.
    Once again, THANK YOU so much for sharing your amazing expertise with us through your book!

  8. Your trip looked like lots of fun, awesome pix! You even got to ride a camel, which is something I’ve been trying to do for years. I was so sad when I went to Afghanistan and didn’t get to ride a camel, ha.

  9. I loved your pictures! The nature pics are gorgeous and how peaceful your yoga practice looked! I love when you blog lik!e this! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Fantastic pictures. Is the berber tent like a motel that you rent for the night or did your guide bring it along and have to set it up? Thanks for sharing your adventure. Very inspiring.

    • Ha ha Franklin! There are different kinds of treks. You can go by camel for 10 days and the guide sets it up along the way. In the picture, that tent was already there, very simply propped up with a carpet on the sand. But it didn’t feel like a motel because it was just us and the Tuareg, no other tourists. :)

  11. Thank you for sharing your pictures and tidbit of your trip, the colors or Morocco seem so vibrante but yet calming and the food just looks so healthy.

  12. I so thoroughly enjoyed viewing your pictures!! They inspired me to book a trip to Asia.

    You mentioned that your Vitamix did not accompany you on your trip, but you did take individual green packets. What kind of packets should I take?


  13. Kimberly, what an amazing adventure & gorgeous pics! I would love to take this exact trip to Morocco, but how easy (or difficult) would it be to find someone to show me all the sights & adventures you encountered (ie. camping in the Sahara & sleeping in the Berber tents & staying at Ait Bennadou)? Until then, I shall live vicariously through you!

    • Hi Karrie,
      If you can get to Marrakesh, rent a car and get a good map you can find your way! I didn’t plan too much. I got to Zagora at 5 pm one day and found a guide and was in the Sahara for the beginning of the adventure by 7 pm. :)

    • Make sure are cleansing as I outline in Chapter 6 of the BDS. Putting in good foods is only half the battle, you need to cleanse the junk out!

  14. That seems like a wonderful trip. Also your picture of the Muslim women wearing niquab is simply the women cover properly and for modesty. Some Christians practice this as well such as headcovering for catholic women. As it is stated in the bible that Christian women are to veil themselves and cover their head and Islam agrees with this. Genesis 24:65 and asked the servant, “Who is that man in the field coming to meet us?” “He is my master,” the servant answered. So she took her veil and covered herself. Genesis 24:64-66

    • Yes, and I respect that custom. And from what I understand, it is a personal choice. I saw women with the niquab, some with a head covering, and some with nothing at all.

    • I didn’t see any. :) I used individual green packets for the time I was there. While I take it in the suitcase to Europe, putting it in my backpack while traveling around Africa is where I draw the line. :) It is okay, as long as you get back on track! My body bounced back pretty quickly, I’m happy to report.

  15. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. The pictures are beautiful and I look forward to your other travels. Its truth that pictures are like a thousand words. Enjoy!!!

    • Thank you Delisa! Yes it is true. I wish I could share with you guys the sounds (Arabic music and instruments everywhere, loud talking in Arabic) and the smells (eucalyptus, tangine, cumin, burning fires), which were equally compelling. But you can imagine those when you look at the pics!

  16. Beautiful…. me too, i fell in love with Morocco this year, and i will return soon. There is so much to discover! Thank you for those beautiful pictures!

  17. Great pictures Kimberly, first off… you are sooo beautiful!! And the pictures are so authentic, very interesting to see you there and the different cultures. I bet you just love being in different environments to experience! Soo cool :) What was the temperature there? You looked bundled in some photos, and some you were in the warm sun.

    You’re skin and hair are just so beautiful (we know why!) but also just the color of your hair and skin and eyes. Just curious :)
    Shannon King :)

    • Hi Shannon,
      Thank you! It was chilly, though sunny. It was crazy to see the snow-capped mountains next to the desert!

    • Very interesting place! I like going to places were life hasn’t changed much, like my adventures in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. :)

  18. Kim:

    Looks like an incredible experience.

    When you went to the Ait Bennadou, did you know you’d be staying overnight or was it more spontaneous? That’s so awesome that you were able to stay with the locals!

    Also do those Berber tents belong to the locals too and how were you so fortunate to be able to stay in one?

    These pix make me want to jet off to Morocco asap. It looks like such a captivating place!

    • HI Beth,
      Yes captivating. No we didn’t plan it. We just rolled up in there.

      There are lots of ways to get to the local tents and get guides. I definitely don’t recommend going with a big tour company, as you’ll be stuck with lots of tourists. March and April are the busiest times of the year to go. xx

      • That is totally awesome Kim. It looks like the perfect place to really get centered, spiritually. Good to know about March & April being busy-times. Thanks for the heads up and for the inspiring post. I need me some Morocco!

  19. I spent three months there working on a movie. I was not the same when I returned! Your pictures brought me back, thank you!

  20. The pictures look amazing!!! As a Moroccan, I feel honored that you enjoyed your stay there. I always encourage people to visit this oh so wonderful, mysterious and entrancing country. And yes.. the hand shake followed by a touch to your heart is a must! :) It makes all your encounters so much more meaningful.

    • Hi Azis, yes I love your country dearly.
      I respect the beautiful traditions and ways of life. The hand to the heart tradition is one of my favorite I’ve seen worldwide!
      Blessings xx

  21. My husband and I backpacked through the whole of Morocco 15 years ago, it looks the same in your pictures !!!! I love that you can not say that about many places now a days.
    The people are beautiful inside and out.
    Mint tea,medinas,the square at Marakesh
    oh and the drives through the countryside.
    Thanks for the memories.

  22. Awesome pictures! I was wondering if you’ve got a book on tape in the works yet. I know many people that I might be able to get to listen to your book that won’t sit down and read it (even though its’ totally readable and eye opening!) :)

  23. Glorious, every last bit!
    I wish i could pass my hand through the screen and dip it deeply into some of those fabulous produce bins, bring it up to my face and inhale deeply = bliss.

    Happy day!

  24. Wow! Those pictures are truly amazing! What a wonderful experience. How many nights did you sleep in that tent? It must have been very sandy. All of the pictures are just beautiful, but I really love the one with you on the camel. How cool!

    • Thank you so much! the tent was sandy and sand got in everything. If is wasn’t so cold I could have stayed longer, weeks!

  25. Beautiful pictures! And you’re right, there’s always an excuse not to take an adventure, or not to do this or that–so you just have to do it!

  26. You’re so adventurous! Thanks for sharing it with us. I’d love to go on a trip like that.

    I was wondering if you have an opinion on birth control… I’ve been taking it for three years. I’ve finished reading your book (LOVED it), and am going to start the Blossoming Beauty phase after Christmas break. Do you recommend stopping birth control to hinder the growth of candida yeast? I’m almost certain I have an overgrowth of it.

    Thanks for your advice.

    • HI Shayna,
      Birth control is a tricky issue. Taking hormones definitely has a lot of detrimental side affects to the woman’s body. How could it not? You’re taking something so completely artificial and foreign to “control” a natural cycle. It can definitely cause Candida to proliferate, among other things. Learn about the pros and cons for yourself, so you can make an informed decision if it’s worth it in your lifestyle to continue.

  27. love the color and spice of morocco…..definitely on my list of places to see….very soon! where did you stay? fantastic journey….wishing you many more.

    • Thank you Andrea!
      In Marrakesh I stayed at a riad called Riad Nabila. Highly recommended! Just a lot of walking… it is 20 minutes outside the main part of the medina, so you’ll have to weave your way through a lot of local neighborhoods and alleyways!

    • Desert is great! I would love to go to Morrocco.
      I was happy to learn that you speak French! I am from Quebec.
      J’adore votre site et votre livre que je lis toujours. J’aime aussi beaucoup le “Green smoothies”. Vous êtes une inspiration pour moi.


      • Bonjour Johanne!
        Je suis tres contente que vous aimez mon site. Le francais est une langue tres jolie.
        A bientot!
        (PS- easier to speak than write :) )

    • Yes, and it is okay as flexibility is part of life, and if one becomes too rigid with their diet then they are missing the point.

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