Get More Energy This Week From This Simple Change.

no dairy

What single change can you make this week to give you more energy and improve your health? Try eliminating dairy products. Most adults can’t process the lactose or may have problems with the casein. Instead, switch to almond or rice milk. And many wonder how almond milk is made, the process is quite fascinating!

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6 Responses to “Get More Energy This Week From This Simple Change.

  1. Recently I was discovered to have a casein allergy so I had to research which foods contain it. Did you know a product could be labelled “dairy-free” and still have it?! It’s found in anything with artificial coconut flavouring, caramel flavouring, most artificial flavourings actually, in emulsifiers, some enriched flour breads, ect.

    • I found casein in “veggie” cheese today. I am not happy about that. Fortunately it was pre-purchase rather than post! People with casein sensitivities/allergies can be really tripped up these days.

    • I used to love dairy too ALOT!! especially a good ol’ homemade macaroni and cheese!! I, like you, had zero problems with dairy,, (or so I thought). I accepted the challenge to stay away from dairy for a period of time, and realized how much better I felt. I didn’t know I could feel better than I did, I was always “so healthy” feeling. But the difference was obvious,,,now that I know the difference, and my body knows the difference I chose to stay away from Dairy. Have you seen Food Inc? (the movie) it’s a great watch too.

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