Boost your Immunity with Detox Tea

The change of seasons is upon us and I see many people around getting sick. Boost your immunity with my Detox Tea, be sure to rest a lot, and eat extra Probiotic & Enzyme Salad, and increase amounts of other probiotic sources. Tea is also an essential part of a water cleanse. You should try it out and get all that gunk out of your system!

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25 Responses to “Boost your Immunity with Detox Tea

  1. I would like to have the immunity tea (or detox tea) recipe – I clicked on the link but it just showed me a picture. I also looked in my book – but I didn’t see it there either. Thanks.


  2. What is the detox tea? I have notice that ever since I changed my diet in 2006. My energy is up and I feel great. Just small steps in your daily diet. I want to get the book sounds fascinating.

  3. Kimberly,
    A quick question about the Probiotic Enzyme Salad. I don’t feel comfortable making my own. If I bought a jar of raw saurerkrut (spelling may be wrong) and ate that instead would it give me the same benefits?

  4. Kim,

    I’m obsessed with this tea- I can’t get enough of it! I add cayenne pepper and a little drop of raw honey and it is just a treat!


  5. Hi Kim,
    I was really excited to taste your GGS and i was really disappointed. I think it had to do with my blender (which did a superb job blending) but i had to cut the recipe in half–ish. I did what your recipe said and i cut out the celery and one fruit but the taste was awful…

    is there a way you can describe to make it more like what everyone is describing? delicious?! A better recipe to yield 32 ounces or should I just experiment?

    Also, a friend recommended Amazing Meal as a substitute for your program. Do you agree?


  6. I absolutely love love love this tea it is now how I start each morning and make it thru work its so clean and refreshing I even have a few of the girls who are addicted to soda drinking it

      • Hey Kim,

        I wanted to know if it is normal to have an acne flare up while drinking this tea and eating healthier…my skin is breaking out, but wondering if I stick with this, if the toxins are just being removed and it will subside. I’m hoping it get’s better :)

  7. My dad was getting a cold, and he took my advice.He had tea with with lemon and honey, I told him to wait awhile before putting the lemon now!(;

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