Ok! Feature w/the lovely Ms. Drew Barrymore!

Hey Guys! I hope you’re having a great week so far! I will write more soon, but I’ve been having a crazy week. But I wanted to share this great feature with you which came out today in Ok! There are also great features that just broke in Marie Claire, Redbook and Instyle (second month in a row!!). I’m so thrilled and honored that my message on natural eating and beauty is getting out  there- the information belongs to all.

One question that always comes up is how to eat healthy on a budget, and the answer is simple: shop ahead!

Thank you for all of your support, and sharing info on The Beauty Detox Solution with your family and friends! It means the world. :)

Lots of love, Kimberly


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5 Responses to “Ok! Feature w/the lovely Ms. Drew Barrymore!

  1. Hello Kimberly! I just bought your book and I am learning so much I didn’t know. I have so many questions! I couldn’t find where to ask them specifically so I will just post here. First, Another question I had…about milk, I notice you talk about cows milk and also the meat from cows is not good for us. Why do you think cows are here on earth? I have enjoyed reading this book so much and cannot wait to make some big changes! Thank you for writing it and sharing your abundance of knowledge with us all! Look forward to your response.

  2. I just picked up a copy of your book. I actually need to gain some weight…what would you recommend.

    thank you!


  3. I am so excited that I have your book, Kimberly! It’s like being able to have you on-call 24/7; my own personal nutritionist to the stars. Having had our consultation way back when, I can tell you that you did a great job of making your voice come through on the pages.
    I just got engaged, and am looking forward to keeping myself healthy, energetic, and looking good as my fiance and I prepare for this new journey together (and he thinks I look like Drew Barrymore, so I had to comment here)!
    I hope you have continued success!

  4. Your welcome Hon Ur Book Rocks,Kicks Butt, Everyone should read it.
    I Have Learned Alot Of Facts That I Did Not Know But Glade I Picked Up your Book to find them Out.
    Love the Green Drink had Everynight since Last Thursday!
    Thanks so Much!

    John-karl Ritter

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