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Hi Guys!

I hope you are having a wonderful week! I’ve been having really long, but great days out here in LA. I have a few hours this morning before it gets insane again the rest of the day and all the way through the weekend, so I wanted to sneak a post in. :)

One of the things that really helps me when my schedule is crazy is the chlorella tablets I carry in my purse. I mentioned them in another post, but I want to give more info on them. For instance, yesterday, I was picked up at 7:45 am, and got to set at 9:00 am. I requested organic fruit, so there were a few organic apples for me, but the food and snacks laid out for the rest of morning and early afternoon were bagels and cream cheese, chips, etc. Stuff I would rather starve than eat!! Legally, lunch does not have to be served until 6 hours after shooting starts, meaning we weren’t going to have lunch until 3:00 pm. Keep in mind I am still sort of on East Coast time, so that for me is 6:00 PM!!! I wasn’t planning on fasting while working and being under lights and DOING STUFF!, and I didn’t have any access to making/getting any Green Drinks that day.

So… enter my lifesaver, my chlorella tablets!!

First of all, what is chlorella? It is an algae that has a balanced ratio of protein (a whopping 60%), carb (19%), fat (6%), bio-available minerals (8%), and moisture (7%).
I was a fan of spirulina first, and love it in recipes like my Spirulina Pie (which you should check out by the way! :) ). But then I discovered that chlorella has TEN times more chlorophyll than spirulina! (Hence the name). Why do we care about about chlorophyll? I have more info in my blog “Another reason to drink the Green Smoothie: Green Blood” which you can check out. Among many things, chlorella helps pull heavy metals out of the system, including mercury, lead, and cadmium. These metals can get in from our food supply and pollution, and can lodge all over the body, affecting everything. Chlorophyll also gives us tremendous energy, and can help balance the body, assisting with such functions as even fertility.

Chlorella also has around 92 trace minerals, vitamins, glycolipids, phycocyanin, sulfolips, carotenoids, superoxide dismutase, RNA and DNA, and is loaded with beta-carotene.

Because it is so high in minerals, micronutrients as well as macronutrients, it really helps keep me satisfied so I don’t pass out when I’m working and have no access to food. I chew about 10-25 at a time. When you really chew them, you taste the pure plant protein. I really like the taste- and I hope you do also! Drink water with them, and tryout a water cleanse when you are feeling really bogged down.

I keep them in my purse, and it is not uncommon for me to have a few between teaching and practicing yoga, on planes, and all similar types of emergencies. You can pick them up at health stores.

Okay, time to get back to work!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll post again very soon.
Lots of love!!!!!! Kimberly

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    • I can’t say, as every women’s body is different. Please check with your doctor, and double check to make sure any product you try is free of heavy metals as those would be the worst thing to consume during pregnancy.

  1. Hey Miss Kim,

    I currently workout strength training twice a day and am looking for a good post workout meal to keep my energy up and help build or maintain muscle. I’ve tried protein powders ( hemp and brown rice, but find them drying and constipating. I read in your book that you reccomended chlorella tablets for a trainer.
    Do you reccomend just eating that alone ? Or is with a banana or dates ok?
    Also do you recomend the chlorella growth factor tabs by Kyoto or just regular chlorella?
    Can I take em twice a day or would you recomend alternating that and hemp seeds?

    Thank you
    I really enjoy and appreciate all you give

  2. Hi, Kim. I found another brand as did Claudia above that is way cheaper than the Kyoto. Will it be just as effective as the brand you use?

  3. Hi Kim :)

    I was hoping you could check out this ingredients list and tell me what you think? I cant order kyoto in New Zealand so hopefully this is just as good. Its the Lifestream Brand

    Vitamin D2 22mcg (875IU)
    Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) 403mg
    Beta carotene2.2mg
    Vitamin B149mcg
    Vitamin B2118mcg
    Vitamin B3(Niacin) 1.2mg
    Vitamin B659mcg
    Vitamin C1.6mg
    Vitamin E (alpha Tocopherol)426 mcg
    Vitamin K19mcg
    Folic Acid 36mcg
    Calcium 12mg
    Iron 2.8mg
    Magnesium 6mg
    Potassium 11mg

    Clauds :)

  4. Hey, Kimberly! First of all, I’d like for you to know how thankful I am for your book and blog. As a University student, I find it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet, especially since frequenting conveniently-located coffee shops and snacking on unhealthy carbohydrates seems to be the norm among my peers. But, because of your insightful posts and shared knowledge, I am finding it easier to make better, informed decisions about what goes into my body. Recently, I have been looking into purchasing Chlorella tablets as a replacement for coffee as a source of energy. I have noticed that they are available in a regular form and Chlorella Growth Factor form (both are tablets by Kyoto). Which of them would you recommend? Or, must I use both to reap benefits? I hope to hear back from you and thanks in advance!

  5. My fellow beauties,

    So, I just received my very first shipment of Chlorella/Spirulina combination tablets. I found them for a steal on the Raw Food World’s website. For only $34.95 (+shipping) I got 1,000 chewable tablets. Not bad, hu? Haven’t incorporated them into my daily routine yet, so I’ll keep you guys posted on how it goes. Hopes this helps!

    PS: Kimberly, you truly are a Godsent ;-)

  6. Hi Kim!! Looking into purchasing Chlorella from Amazon… they have the brand you recommend (Kyoto) & it’s called …Chlorella Growth Factor 275 Mg 120 Tabs. Is this the one you talk about?

    Thank so much your time! : )

  7. Hello Kim!
    I just came back from my trip in Australia and New Zealand: it was wonderful! I can’t wait to go back to Australia to visit the West Coast and the Top End ^^

    Anyway, I just bought some chlorella tablets at my health store, and the instructions are to swallow them with water (not to chew them). And no more than 6 tablets a day… which may be a good start! It seems pretty powerful. Hopefully my energy will improve!

    Also, I had a green smoothie this morning, and the texture was awful lol. Made me think of your post about the Vitamix.


  8. I went to Whole Foods and was told to get Chlorophyll instead of Chorella tablets, that Chorella is made from Cholorophyll so I am getting more nutrients from Cholorophyll…what is the difference? Is it that I should be chewing Chorella versus shallowing Chloro[hyll? Thanks!

    • Hi Tami!
      Chlorella is the whole algae, rather than extracted, pure chlolophyll. I’d rather get a whole food source, ie the chlorella. There are lots of other benefits besides straight chlorophyll as well!

  9. I went to Whole Foods and was told to get Chlorophyll instead of Chorella tablets, that Chorella is made from Cholorophyll so I am getting more nutrients from Cholorophyll…what is the difference? Is it that I should be chewing Chorella versus shallowing Chloro[hyll? Thanks!

  10. Kim,
    What is the difference between chlorella and alfalfa?
    I have been consuming alfalfa from Shaklee for years now and I thought that it is a pretty amazing stuff..

  11. Hello Kim,

    Feeling fantastic, eh? I knew it!

    I was under the impression that once I bought spirulina after my chlorella fix, I was getting virtually the same amounts of nutrients…

    I shall test the difference very soon… thank you.


    P.S. I have a feeling – a humourous one – that anyone looking at the picture above, not knowing who Mr Gates is, might accidentally believe Melinda stands in the middle.

    Pardon my ignorance, but who exactly is the fine gentleman?

  12. Is there a benefit to taking the chewable tablets as opposed to just swallowing a capsule? Thanks for your input and fabulous blog.

    • Well I for one love the taste. :) But anytime we can get a food source, or break down something by chewing, it can increase absorption. We can’t do that with everything- probiotics for example, so I like doing it with chlorella!

  13. Is there a difference in Spirulina vs green powder used in shakes? Which is more effective. What about taking Chlorella? Should I add that as well or take it instead of? I posted before but it seemed to be deleted…maybe I asked too many questions so I hope this one has fewer b/c I really learn so much from you. Thanks!

    • Hi Tami, there is a range of green powders so it depends on the one you are talking about. It also depends what you are eating with your diet… I use green powders on the go if I can’t make a Green Smoothie, as fresh is always best. But I also take chlorella through the day as needed. Be sure to have your Green Smoothie and you’ll be far ahead in the game!
      Love, Kimberly

  14. Hi Kimberly! I have had EXTREME allergic reactions to chlorella when I have tried it before (twice now- lots and lots of vomiting). I’m scared to even try spirulina at this point (because throwing up isn’t fun at all), but do you think that chlorella and spirulina are different enough that I might not be allergic to both of them?

    PS: Somebody asked me before whether the chlorella I had tried was sourced in Japan or China– supposedly Japanese chlorella is the only way to go. I had tried a powder form of ChlorEssence by the brand Vega and put it in a smoothie, but I believe the chlorella in Vega is sourced in Japan…) Thanks for your info!

    • Hmm. I am not sure. I use chlorella sourced from Japan myself, that has been tested against heavy metals. It might be impurities in the source that you reacted to, or maybe you truly are allergic to the algae. Be careful! And check with your doctor if you are unsure! If you can’t have it though, don’t fret just be sure you are having lots of other land greens in your diet. :)

      • Hi Kim,

        Because of the disaster that happened in japan recently, is it still safe to use the chlorella from there?


  15. I have been taking Spirulina daily for almost a year and have noticed that my skin has improved SO much… if I switched to Chlorella do you think it would change my skin at all? (or perhaps improve it even more??)
    Thanks…. :)

    • HI Rachel! You might want to check it out, since all our bodies are different! I switched and I like it much more myself. :) I don’t remember to have it every day, but I throw it in the mix and I love how I can keep the tablets in my pursey-purse. :)

  16. I really enjoy your blog and I look forward to reading every post. I have finally decided to take charge of my health and was wondering what tips you had. I just don’t know where to start. I tried your ultimate green smoothie and its great, but what else? How often do you practice yoga? What’s a typical day for you (diet-wise)?

    Thanks for all of your postings!

    Best, J

    • Hi Jezette! Don’t get overwhelmed. Make a few changes that you can stick to every day. I would say the best thing to do is start making the Green Smoothie every day, and stick with it. Make adjustments in your life to avoid dairy, soy, and table salt. Then you’ll be far ahead already! :)

  17. hello can you tell me what brand of chlorella tablets you use. there are so many different brands i want to make sure i get a reputable company. thanks Katie

      • Thanks so much Kim! Lots of ?’s on which brand;) I found some at my local Whole Foods (Yaeyama Source Naturals), but I order from Amazon ALL the time so will def order the Kyoto brand next time.

        xo. Christel

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